Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't nobody call me a tonkle

I feel like making a list. It might be interesting to you. But it probably won't be. But if it is then hooray! Here's an awesome video of a French bull dog teaching a baby how to crawl. If you don't instantly love this then you are as cold as ice.


You know, I'm getting really irritated with flat shoes at the moment. I can't stand them for some reason. Moccasins are OK, as are loafers and sandals. But your genuine flat shoe that you wear with everything because it's so damn comfortable and versatile? I don't want to wear them ever again.

I realised this when I came back from America. I was searching for my flat shoes to wear in general but I couldn't find them anywhere so I opted for my brown Kurt Geiger boots, my Sportsgirl sandals and whatever else is left in between. I started thinking about the humble flat shoe and I've officially become a hater.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy comfort and I have worn flats these couple of days due to taking too long getting ready for work and finding flats are the easiest and quickest to put on (no laces).

But they're so tame. They're like this nothing shoe that's probably not even that good for your feet if you think about it. Some flats could be considered too flat. I know my foot has a high arch. I'm sure wearing shoes that are too flat can be bad for my feet. Plus the blisters, not to mention the dislodged cartilage at the back of your foot. And the sweat and smell from not wearing socks.

Perhaps I'm just sifting for things to hate about flats. I just think boots, brogues, sandals, heels and everything in between looks so much cooler and some of these shoes are also tolerable for everyday wear. My Kurt Geiger boots are actually a good height, as are my Aldo boots


I've been pretty fascinated with the whole tie dye hair trend that seems to be captivating some trendy blonde lasses. There's even a wonderful tutorial by Geneva over at A Pair and a Spare for brunettes wanting some blonde ends (BTW Geneva does some really funky DIY projects on her blog. Totally worth checking out). I used to have purple ends on my hair but it was me going through my faux punk phase. This time around, the whole bleached ends thing looks a lot more rustic. Kinda like just dipping your hair in some bleach. The fancier kids make it look like their hair is gradually becoming lighter.

Here are some photos for inspiration. I'm seriously considering doing this and then dying the ends purple. I think I need to think about this for a few days.

- From Bianca of Kastor & Pollux
- From Dani of Kastor & Pollux

Here's also a really cute video on dip dying hair. The comments are just rude.

Christmas Presents

I often find Christmas time to be the most expensive time of the year because you all of a sudden have about a gazillion friends you need to buy a present for. If you have 10 friends to buy gifts for, even just spending $20 on each friend will set you back $200. Then there's the issue of boyfriends/girlfriends, parents, siblings, the inlaws, cousins, colleagues – whatever – and you could be spending about $500+.

Not many people I know have that kind of money. I think it's great when families do the Kris Kringle thing. I should totally get my family to do this to save some money but I don't know. Last year, I basically got all my friends the same thing: soap. It seemed like a good thing at the time because everything smells amazing. I might do the same thing this year except with necklaces. I saw these gorgeous necklaces shaped like a macaron. I think I'm gonna get all my girlfriends one of those but I don't know about all my guy pals.

What are everyone's plans for Christmas this year? What would be the best gift ever? For me, I'd like a giant wheel of Jarlsberg cheese. Or at least 1kg's worth.

I love Jarlsberg cheese.


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