Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Political limbo

I remember telling my English tutor when I was 13 that I thought politics was boring. I had never taken a real interest in politics until my late teens, but even then it was all so basic and summarised. As I grow older, I realise that politics is something that we can’t avoid as every institution has their own political battle.

In Year Ten, our Science teacher moved our Science test the day before we were supposed to sit it. We were so outraged and my friend demanded that no one put their names on their tests as a way of protesting this unfair move by our teacher. I wholly supported this. However, I was also the only one that left their name off their test so the teacher knew it was mine. I was kinda let down by my own comrades.

In Year Eleven my Chemistry teacher said it was compulsory that we all sit a Science competition. It cost two dollars. I didn’t see how it was compulsory if we all had to pay to participate in this science competition. The way I saw it, if I didn’t cough up my $2, I was choosing not to sit this stupid test. But she insisted that it was compulsory. I ended up giving in to her, considering it was only $2.

At the last federal election, I followed it so closely. I stayed up late, watching them come to some non-decision because the votes were so close. It was interesting. We still functioned as a society despite the government being in some kind of limbo. My theory has always been that people were voting below the line because Labor and Liberal had become so similar it was like choosing between which two staplers to use.

As I grow older, I feel that I am quite left-wing, and people seem to think of it as a bad thing. I think being left wing feels right to me. What is wrong with wanting equality for everyone, wanting the world and society to stop exploiting the poor? What is wrong with harmony? What is wrong with despising violence?

Sometimes, it’s unfathomable how narrow-minded our country’s “leaders” are. Take same-sex marriage for example. They go on about the sanctity of marriage being between a man and a woman. I hate that argument. Two words: Kim Kardashian. The fact is that giving people the same rights as everyone else is a basic necessity. You can’t call your country a progressive and diverse country when same-sex couples aren’t allowed to marry.

It’s the same thing with refugees. Since when was it equal and humane to lock up a bunch of people who have done nothing but seek refuge in what they thought was a compassionate country? It makes me so sick that our government is just carting refugees from country to country just like cattle.

Sometimes I feel like it’s just not enough to just believe in these things. Sometimes you need to actively show that you are in support of these issues. It could be through donation, or through protests and rallies. I don’t think I do enough of that.

Perhaps that’s my New Year’s Resolution?

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