Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Touching!

mango lassi
Liam: Dude, what's wrong? What's with the frown?
Me: That's what my face looks like when I drive!
I went driving again and it was not as awesome as it was last time, probably because parking was harder, giant roundabouts freak me out and arseholes on the road make me swear more than a sailor. I had a bit of a cry in the car because I was feeling a bit disappointed in myself. I'm OK though. I find crying to be very cathartic.

Anyway, I've been spending so much money lately on things that I really shouldn't spend on. I'm really terrible! I filled up my car for the first time yesterday and guess how much that cost? $78! What the hell? How do people do that? It was a stab in the gut. I also got all three seasons of Arrested Development on DVD. Plus, I bought one of these FM tuners that connect to your ipod/iphone so that when I go driving I can listen to whatever I want! We sang along to Fleetwood Mac's awesome 'Rumours' album. It was amazing.

I also tested out my new shoes from Sportsgirl. I got them for $34.97, on sale! I think they're going to be my staple shoe this summer. I bought this polka dot dress from Jay Jays the other week and I reckon these shoes will totally complement the dress. Win!


I also got these sweet sweet earrings from Colette for only $5.95. I swear, I could spend so much money there. Everything is crazy cheap! These earrings would probably cost $20 at Diva.




Also, in other exciting news, you are looking at a 'certified' Melbourne Fringe Festival reviewer! WOO! I've been making a list of shows I want to see. I really want to check out Anyone For Tennis? and Bullet: A Superhero Comedy. They're my top two picks. Also, there's an art show about cordyceps and I am darn excited about that. Check out the video.


  1. damn, i need those shoes in my life

  2. I actually did a sharp intake of breath and said out loud "damnit" when I saw that pic of those shoes. I SOOOOO WANT THEM!!! But I am going to the coldlands. Damn.