Thursday, December 1, 2011

My week in review

Monday: Went to Vegie Bar with my friend Liane. I ordered a delicious seitan burger and Liane had the Mexican burrito. The weather was perfect. Yes, it was very hot, but by the time it was evening, it felt really refreshing to be able to sit by a window, chowing down our food with a bottle of Gypsy pear cider. Just bliss. Then we shared a sticky date pudding with cream. Win.

Tuesday: Another hot day. At work, I went to Hungry Jack's to get myself a soft serve. As I was leaving HJ's, my soft serve started melting. Then the wind was blowing dirt and hair into my soft serve. It was awful and sad. I felt like I was the kid that dropped their ice cream, I had to throw it out. After work, I went to Liam's place. We watched the newest episode of Misfits (really good) and had dinner at the Fitzroy Pinnacle. It was great. I had a pint of Gypsy pear cider and a delicious $12 porterhouse steak. I had mine medium rare, which is something I've only started getting into. I'm usually wary of bloody steaks but this one tasted great.

Wednesday: Went to a corporate event. Got super drunk. Had cigarettes and burnt my arm. I don't ever want to drink again. Or at least, not at corporate events.

Thursday: Went to "Wilderness Adventures for the Palate" with Liane and Shimpei at the Melbourne Museum. It was a very interesting event, dubbed "A travelling cocktail party". It's really hard to explain what the event was. We were taken through different parts of the museum while we nibbled and sipped on some very interesting drinks and nibbles. Then we went to Toodouri for some Korean BBQ. Tasty!

Friday: That's today! So far I've just spent my day watching 3rd Rock From the Sun and Bones. It's a pretty chill day.
My plethora of printed dresses and skirts. Below are the jewelry my mum and I bought from ASOS. We have a thing for animal/insect jewelry.

This is my dog Momo. She's so cute!

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  1. These jewelry are really beautiful. Good choice indeed. Where is ASOS located?