Monday, April 4, 2011

These boots are made for walking

Well it certainly has been an epically long time since I've written anything on here. I've been devoid of a laptop because my laptop charger had died on me and it took a week to get a replacement. I could have accessed the blog on my parents PC but it is so damn slow.

Not much has been happening, except I've been watching Hot Fuzz practically everyday (awesome), if not then at least some kind of Simon Pegg related thing. I just looked at my google reader account. 73 blog entries I have to read! That's crazy!

My parents are like so going to China in two days. WOO. I hope they bring me back a really good and fluffy bathrobe thing. That's all I want. And no, there will be no parties! I'm not the type to throw parties. I've got dogs. And a brother I have to feed for three weeks. It's not all that awesome. Plus, you know, don't like being a drunken slag in front of people I'm related to. It makes me feel naked.

One thing I do want to share with y'all is these new boots I just bought from asos. My friend from work introduced me to asos and it's literally awesome. I was lusting after a pair of Opening Ceremony clog boots for ages but obviously I can't afford or fathom spending so much money on shoes. I was browsing asos and I found these babies. Sure, they aren't exactly like the Opening Ceremony ones, but they sure are wonderful. They were also $100 cheaper so bonus! Check out my skillful leg work:

Boots by Kurt Geiger, bought from
Jeans by Cotton On

The only weird thing with these is the show laces. I don't have a photo, but the shoe laces are fucking long. I don't know why. I can't even tie them properly without looking like a clown so I've tucked the laces inside the shoes. That only works for photos though. I wore them out to dinner and the shoe laces started spilling out of the boots.

Regardless, I love them! I bought them a size bigger than what I normally wear since it really is better to have the shoe a bit bigger than a bit smaller when you're buying from the web. And with boots, you can chuck in some insoles and thick socks to balance things out.

Anyway, that's really all I want to say. I might write some more tomorrow. Who knows! In the meantime, have a good night!


  1. 73 is nothing! if I don't check my reader for a week I would probably have closer to 300. shit's crayzay!

  2. Hmm. I mustn't read enough blogs. 300 is so crazy!