Saturday, January 19, 2013

Daiso review: Japanese camembert + cheddar cracker

My friend Nghi has just started blogging about snacks from Asian groceries. Naturally, I got really excited because Asian snacks just taste so good. His reviews are good fun and it reminded me of when I reviewed Daiso candy last year. By chance, I stopped by Daiso to buy a pillbox for my dog and got distracted by the beautiful colours in the Japanese snack and candy section. I decided to buy some of the snacks, rather than the candy because the last time I did that, I just felt really awful from the sugar crash. I don’t get sugar highs so my energy levels just plummet after sugar.

I bought two snacks but for the sake of my waistline, I’ll only review one for now (EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, RIGHT?).

I don’t know what this snack is called but this one caught my eye because it’s a camembert and cheddar flavoured snack. Cheddar is the implied flavour of most cheese-themed snacks so adding camembert to the mix certainly aroused my curiosity. I love my soft cheeses (but nothing goat, please) and was interested to see how they’d make the snack camembert-specific. Cheddar usually overpowers the more nuanced cheeses.

As soon as you open the packet, the strong stench of cheese punches your nose. It’s unpleasant at first but once you’re able to recognise the smell, it mellows. A thick yet airy rice cracker is individually wrapped, dusted with an orange powder. It is crunchy but chewy, so the cracker might not be very fresh. The flavour is excellent: It has the sharpness of cheddar but hints of the musty camembert. Its strong unami flavour works well with the cheese, but part of me wants this snack to be saltier. When I finished one cracker, I wanted another cracker just to sate my salt expectations.

Overall, it’s a very nice snack. However, due to the somewhat stale condition of some of the crackers, I probably wouldn’t buy them again unless I wanted to suck the flavouring off each cracker, which is what I kind of want to do right now.

I have a salt problem.

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