Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week/month in review

Please excuse my absence on this blog. I've just been really busy working at my internship and my retail job. I feel like I don't really do much outside of that. I think it's because I work 9 - 5 and then I have a one-hour bus ride to conquer. By the time I'm home, I'm just physically and mentally exhausted and all I want to do is eat chicken wings and watch Downton Abbey.

So I'll write a list. Maybe that will be cathartic.

- I'm going to Cambodia in late April early May. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision. Liam's sister-in-law, Al, is Cambodian, and her sister is marrying a mega rich fella over there. Naturally, they're throwing an excessive wedding that lasts for several days. The bride-to-be said Al could bring as many family members as she wanted. I didn't think I would be invited since Liam and I aren't marry, so I'm technically not family. However, Al, really wants me to go and I think it would be great fun to experience Cambodia with Al. Plus, Liam won't be going because he can't get time off work, which is a bummer. But, in a way this is good for me. I think it's a good way for me to learn how to travel "alone", even though I'll be with Al, Liam's brother and Liam's parents.

- I've applied to be a volunteer reviewer for The Pun during Melbourne International Comedy Festival season. Fingers crossed my application is good enough! I've been going every year since I was 17 and it's just the best fun. I've been to see David O Doherty like every year for three years because I love that guy so much, met him twice (the first time I attacked him on the street for a photo. In hindsight that probably wasn't the best thing to do). I've also been to see Tripod, The Umbilical Brothers, the MICF Gala, Ed Byrne (I wish he was coming this year too), Jimeoin and Frank Woodley. I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them right now. This year I'm thinking about seeing Mark Watson, David O Doherty's new character comedy, and a couple of emerging comedy acts.

- Liam's family dog died on Monday. It was so sad and such a shock because we were at his parents' place over the weekend and she seemed fine. She was such a friendly dog too.

- I've been super into acappella groups. There are some really great ones on youtube. Most of the groups seem to cover Adele's Rolling in the Deep. I don't think that's the best song to show off one's mad arrangement skillz and you don't really get a sense they're working in a team together because there's always someone who thinks they are Adele. There's a show in the US called The Sing Off and it's like an Idol-style show for acappella groups and it's just... Ted's hair*.

- My dad returned Mr. Turtle to the wild. I keep picturing Mr. Turtle slowly waddling into the water, then pausing and turning around to see my dad. My dad waves, and the turtle nods; he continues to enter the lake until you can't see him no more. I'm sure that's exactly not what happened.

- I've started watching a lot of UK TV shows: The Inbetweeners, Sherlock and Downton Abbey. The Inbetweeners is all right. I watch it to pass the time really, but Sherlock and Downton Abbey are so bloody amazing!

- Liam and I have decided to start a book club between the two of us. The book we are reading is Simone de Beauvoir The Second Sex. We want to go to this talk about de Beauvoir's theories and we thought it might be good to actually read some of her stuff. We're meeting up next week to discuss the first chapter. Fun!

- I've been really into gardening lately. I like making things grow. I've got some sunflowers growing in some pots, but I don't think they will flower this summer because I planted them too late. The strawberries have been doing well, but again, these will be the last fruits.

- I'm really into mustard at the moment. Not the sauce, although I also love the sauce. I bought a mustard mullet shirt a few weeks ago. I don't really know what to do with the whole mullet trend since it's so clearly not going to last, but I've been wearing it tucked into high-waisted shorts so it makes it ok. I've also bought mustard stockings. All I need now is a black dress!

- I cut my fringe. I now resemble an Asian Ruby Rose circa 2007. Except I wear glasses and I don't look anything like Ruby Rose. I did it myself, thanks to a few handy youtube tutorials. I think it turned out OK.

*Ted's hair = stupid, lame and awesome. All you How I Met Your Mother fans will get this reference.

What's everyone else been doing these couple of weeks? Do you watch Downton Abbey or Sherlock?


  1. go team de Beauvoir!!! best ever idea. I am reading Murakami's Wind Up Bird Chronicle, nearly finished now!! can't wait to have finished something of such a big size that isn't a Harry Potter book lol

    Woah the Cambodia trip is amazing. What a lovely thing for them to include you in!! And the wedding will be spectacular, I'm sure!!

    Sherlock IS amazing. I have been seeing a lot of jokes about Downton Abbey on recent Family Guy and SNL but as yet I haven't checked it out myself, and my hours are so irregular I don't really watch TV. But the UK masterchef has started so I should probably start watching that online on BBC!! Another British show which I DEMAND you watch is Black Mirror. Hard to explain but it will make you think about media and 'modern life'. Get into it!!

    Babein hair gurlfren. I've started wearing my hair in a ponytail which more often than not goes to the side. I also have decided I have a crush on a boy at work. lol. maybe I already told you that......

    1. Yep. Go team de Beauvoir! I confirm. Murakami's Wind Up Bird Chronicle is a nice one.

    2. I think I heard about black mirror somewhere. I'll defs get into it once I'm done with all these other shows!

  2. I love your fringe! In fact, I just cut my own fringe last Thursday just before I came to Tokyo and it looks just like yours!! :D

    I LOVEEEEE LOVEEEEEEEEEE Sherlock from BBC. Is second season out yet? I can't wait to see it! Sherlock is so sexy. :D

    Cambodia sounds like so much fun, I've always been wanting to go there but no one wanted to go with me..I will make it there some day..

    1. we are twins :D

      Sherlock is so good! Yes, season two is out!! I'm pretty excited about Cambodia! It's going to awesome and really different because I really don't know much about Cambodian food and culture so this will be an interesting experience for me :)

  3. Have fun in Cambodia! My sister went there on her travels and she really loved it. Looking forward to checking out your photos already!