Saturday, March 17, 2012

i suck at poetry

You've been meaning to write something in here.
Every day you're reminded of your neglect.
There's simply not enough time.
Once you find a spare moment,
You freeze.

Everything you wanted to write,
To delight people with,
Becomes this half-hearted, vacuous drivel.

You really are better than this.
You know you can write better than this,
Yet you don't seem to prove this.
People question your legitimacy.
Perhaps you are legitimately stupid.

You find other ways to detract
From your lack of eloquence.
So you write this sloppy whine
In second person.
You think it's so clever,
But it's just pretentious.

You turn it into a poem.
You're just adding line breaks
To every couple of words.
What is a good poem anyway?
This is getting too difficult.

You want to wrap this up quickly.
So it becomes just another vacuous post.
A half-hearted attempt at poetry.
An eye-sore passing as writing.

You post it online.
Now people know
Just how shit you are
With words.

1 comment:

  1. aw it's not so bad!! I would probably have made it a 'prose poem' though, because line breaks can be a bit unintentionally overdramatic sometimes =)
    also it might seem more relatable if you had less punctuation, i think that's a good way for people to sort of engage with something.. if it doesn't seem so restrained, readers would be able to kind of... have more of an entry point and feel as if the poem isn't taking itself too seriously.. i don't know if that helps.
    it's weird though, when you write something you really have no idea how people are going to respond to it. so generally always it's best to just get the words out and then go from there..
    thanks for your email! i can't wait to reply. also seems like i should download lana's album! i have been listening to some remixes of her songs, by this guy 'balam acab'. real chill!!