Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I feel like I'm digging some really cool "things" at the moment. I'm going to list the ones I'm enjoying this week. And then you can tell me what you're currently digging.


Pride and Prejudice
I've been reading this one for a few weeks because I'm a really slow reader and I only read when I'm on the bus. I finished this one yesterday. I have to say, I was under the impression that Jane Austen is really difficult to read, but this one was relatively easy. I have to say that while I enjoyed the general plot of Pride and Prejudice, I don't find Jane Austen's prose all that "agreeable". I think I prefer Charlotte Bronte, eventhough I haven't really finished reading Jane Eyre because it's a fucking brick. But when I do have to sift through certain passages in Jane Eyre, some of the dialogue between Jane and Rochester are the most beautiful and heartbreaking words I've ever read. Anyway, back to Pride and Prejudice: I really enjoyed it and I'm keen on watching the 1995 TV show with Colin Firth as Darcy. The only thing that confuses me is the whole issue with Lydia and Wickham. I still don't quite get why they got hitched other than that they might have banged heaps before they got married. In general I find it quite awful that she's been "tarnished" in the eyes of society because of something like this, however she's so annoying part of me thinks she deserves this.


My colleague Eirene and I have debated about our attitudes towards Tumblrs and we've come to the same conclusions: we generally despise the ones that gain popularity by reblogging awesome photos. Why should they be this "popular" entity on the internet when they put no effort into making this photo awesome.

With that said, I do have Tumblrs I love. Most of them feature awesome animals.

Dear Girls Above Me
So there's this guy in the United States called Charlie who lives in an apartment with his awesome pug. There are two girls called Cathy and Claire that live in the apartment above him. And Charlie can hear EVERYTHING they do and say. And it's fucking hilarious. I literally finished reading every entry on this site. My friend Hadders and I were quoting our favourite ones on each other's facebook walls. It was an epic day.

Animals Talking in Caps
There's this guy on the internet who finds awesome animal photos and adds captions to them. Here is one of my recent favourites:

Hey Girl!
Teaching is Hard. You're doing a great job. Someone has finished the internet by finding every imaginable photo of Ryan Gosling and adding captions that tell teachers they're doing a great job. They've started adding other celebrities into the mix. It's really funny. My boyfriend is a teacher so I like to remind him that Ryan Gosling is there for him.

TV Shows

I watch so much TV. This is only a smidge of what I actually watch.

My boyfriend and his housemates have been hooked on this show. I decided to watch it too and I finished it in two days. Yes, I'll admit, there are only ten episodes all together, but each episode is like over an hour long so it's a big deal. Luther is about British detective John Luther who will do anything to catch the bad guys . There's a bit of profiling going on, and some fucked up murders. Holy shit there are some fucked up murders on that show. And he befriends a psychotic red head that looks a bit like Emma Stone. I found the show a little difficult to get into at first because there was so much happening that in first episode: you find out about Luther's personal life, what he did a month ago, who's out to get him etc. It was really overwhelming but it gets better.

If you are an avid Saturday Night Live patron, you might recognise Fred Armisen. If you like Sleater-Kinney, you might recognise Carrie Brownstein. These two have teamed up together to create sketch show about the many people that live in Portland. It's really quite funny and weird. They make fun of feminist book store owners, hipsters and dumpster divers. I just love it. This is one of my favourite sketches.

Pretty Little Liars
OK so this isn't the best show in world. In fact if I was at a job interview and I was being judged on what kind of show I watched, I probably wouldn't admit that I even know this show exists. This is a pure guilty pleasure. Four best friends are being blackmailed by the mysterious "A", straight after their friend's death. They try to juggle school, boys, family and death threats all while looking absolutely gorgeous. It's a bit like Gossip Girl meets a crime show, but without all the glamor. But at least these four look like they might be 17.

OK so this is probably the worst trailer ever made, especially with that over the top voice over. But I swear the show is a lot better than what this trailer offers. Plus, their clothes are WAAAAY cooler now. Just watch it so I have a friend to talk to about it.

So what are y'all digging at the moment?


  1. My little sis loves Pretty Little Liars and I know what you mean about Tumblr. Though I find myself reblogging a lot of people's images but otherwise mine is made up of my instagrams and blogger outfits that I've found during my blog-reading rounds! I'm not a big fan of Pride and Prejudice or Jane Austen in general...I much prefer the Bronte sisters. Hmm what do I love at the moment? You've just reminded me of my love for Ryan Gosling haha, but otherwise, I'd say watching silly Japanese dramas, Watching endless episodes of the big bang theory or How I met your mother, Pinterest, discovering my old watercolours again and I'm still very much still into reading Murakami novesl, I need to get his new novel 1Q84 soon!

  2. Sounds awesome. I love HIMYM too! I watch that show like I breathe. I go on HIMYM websites and do their hardest HIMYM trivia. I am that hardcore.

    What is pinterest? Everyone seems to be a part of it but I really don't get it.