Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.

Yeah, so I don't actually look like that first image. I had my hair in a bun all day and when I unleashed my flat hair, it looked lucious and I just HAD TO pose. I look like an 80s Hong Kong pop star. FYI, I had a perm when I was 2. It's technically a very dangerous thing to do to a devoloping brain, but my mum was only 24 and she thought it would look goddamn cute. And I did look very cute. I digress. I bought two dresses, a pair of earrings and a sick bangle on ASOS on the weekend and they finally rocked up on my door step today. Mum rummaged through the package first because she also got some really cool jewelry too. I'll take actual photos of them when I've got some time. 

I've been so busy these days. I've got a marketing internship with a crowdfunding website and I work there 3 days a week. Then working on the weekend, I work at my retail job for money. I feel a bit uneasy about my lack of income around Christmas time. I guess I just need to stop going on ASOS! Next week is going to be an intense week. Aside from all the work, I'll be attending two events as a part of this company I'm interning for. People who follow me on twitter probably know where I'm interning. One of these events is an awards events, while the other is the Wilderness Adventure For the Palate event at Melbourne Museum. The website says it's a "traveling cocktail party" so I'm in! Tickets re $45 or $35 if you are in a group of 5+. I'm pretty excited about this. I wonder what I should wear. Maybe I need to buy something new for it....

So these gold earrings are something I'm really into right now. I love gold jewelry and I think these giant door knockers are just fabulous. They're a little heavy though, so they're not really good for every day wear. The dress I'm wearing was kind of a risky buy. I was concerned that the high neckline would give me droopy boobs, but they seem ok at the moment. Maybe I will invest in a necklace or something to detract from the droopiness. I'm also crazy about this bangle. It's got, what looks like cave drawings of camels on it, but the website insists that it is a llama. Whatever it is, it is awesome.

So who else has indulged in online shopping?


  1. thanks for visiting my blog! xxx
    and yes, they are at brighton indeed, they are so beautiful in real life!

  2. Haha, loved this post! Those earrings are stunning and I'm pretty sure those are camels, not llamas, hahahah.