Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wishful thinking

The other day, I had the weirdest and probably the coolest dream in the world. I haven't had one this awesome yet and if I have, I've totally forgotten all about it. I was in the midst of a Saw-esque blood bath and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (wearing a GODDAMN NAVY SUIT and pale blue shirt) was in charge of this gang that tortured and shot all these people stealing drugs or something. I was being chased and I was terrified. Then I found out that everything was staged. I watched someone get shot, fall to the ground, laugh hysterically, then get back up. It was fake blood, fake torture and fake guns. Somehow we proceeded back to JGL's awesome apartment, taking turns to shower, wearing JGL's many white, oversized shirts, standing around being awesome in his dimly-lit apartment. JGL apologised for scaring us. I told him it was OK and that he was a really good actor. I may have touched/gripped/squeezd/stroked his arm appreciatively. Then we made out, but it was terrible because he kept sucking on my chin, leaving weird bite marks everywhere.

Now I just want to draw pictures of him.


Who has made awesome guest stars in your dreams? Haha ;)


  1. If only one could program what he is about to dream... Great experience. :)

  2. Nice! Thanks from sharing this.

    From a US expat based in Namur. ;-)