Thursday, November 17, 2011

pins and needles

Last night I made last-minute plans to go see a film with Liam. It is not the best time to go see a film because most films want to open either on Boxing Day or a week before it to make money during the Christmas rush. There were only 4 films being screened at my local Village Cinemas, which is a decent cinema complex, and they were all released a good three weeks ago (except for Twilight but no one should have to endure that). What I found annoying was that I couldn't find a synopsis of the films anywhere. Brad Pitt was in something called 'Moneyball' and judging by the poster, it looked like a baseball film. Ick.
We eventually settled on 'In Time'.

I remember seeing the trailer for 'In Time' and thinking that it looked interesting, sans the Cillian Murphy connection. I received a $40 Village gift card on my birthday so I used it. Let me just say, going to the pictures nowadays is so expensive. We got 2 concession tickets, 2 choc tops and 1 small coke for $45. It's crazy expensive. I was lucky I had my voucher.

The film is set in the future where money is replaced with time. Each person stops aging at 25 and to survive, they need more time. Justin Timberlake plays Will Salas who lives in the ghettos and lives each day as it comes. He usually only has a couple of hours left before he heads to work to get some more. Long story short, a man with a century left wants to die so he gives Will all his time. Will goes into New Greenwich, the rich part of town, to win some more money. The Timekeepers (the police officers) think that Will killed the man who gave him all these hours and arrest him. It just gets crazy from there.

I really enjoyed the film. I thought the idea was fantastic that tied in well with all the Occupy stuff happening around the world. Cillian Murphy was in it which is usually a plus for me because I adore that man but he wore this long leather trench coat the WHOLE TIME and it was disgusting. Amanda Seyfried on the other hand looked amazing. Costume really had fun with her character. It was very minimalist. Nipped waists and very short hemlines accentuated Seyfried's stunning pins, paired with GORGEOUS heels: from black Louboutin-esque pumps, to heeled ankle boots. It was perfect. My favourite outfit was this crushed velvet dress, and I don't usually like velvet because they are unforgiving, like lycra and viscose.

Images from: refinery 29 and

I also really liked the wig, but I did find it a little disconcerting at first because I'm so used to her as a luscious blonde. I want that hair. I think they could do no wrong with her outfits although I did wonder logistically how a) she could run so fast in those heels and how b) she pulled out these clothes out of thin air when on the run.

Oh man I totally saw the poster for Mission Impossible 4. I have to see that film, and watch all the other Mission Impossible films beforehand. It's just my excuse to fuel my, er, Tom Cruise "thing". Oh, and has anyone seen the third one? Because I have issues with how Phillip Seymour Hoffman dies in that one. He's this incredible villain/badass and dies he from a gunshot wound? He's such an epic character and deserves to be blown up in a helicopter or something. Also the third one sucked because it didn't make ANY sense. I just watched it for the, er, "candy".

God I am so wrong.


  1. I was picking between this film and Crazy Stupid Love the other day but we picked the latter. This film doesn't look too bad! Maybe I should go see it anyway.

  2. Yeah go see it. I thought it was pretty good!

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