Saturday, November 12, 2011


If I was to be punished for committing a sin, it would be gluttony. I eat so much even when I'm not hungry. If something looks delicious and tastes amazing, I will keep eating it until I can't eat anymore. I'm like Homer when he went to hell and Satan makes him eat donuts as a punishment for being a glutton. I think I'm no different.

I went to a wonderful bar called Kelly's in Olinda today to celebrate my friend's 23rd birthday. It was really casual and the weather was beautiful so we sat outside having beers and burgers. They have wonderful beers on tap and they change beers once the keg finishes so you're always able to sample new beers every time you visit.

The interior of the bar looks like a cosy wood cabin. There's even a fire place and cushy couches for your comfort. I had the pleasure of going to Kelly's in winter so we got to sit by the fire, eating amazing dessert and sipping on chocolate ale. Yes, they had chocolate ale on tap. $4 a pot, baby!

Speaking of the food, their wagyu beef burger is amazing. I sadly don't have any photos, but the portions are huge. A fat patty of wagyu beef with melted cheese and fried egg is perched on top of a toasted bun smothered in chipotle aioli. It comes with bacon but I didn't get bacon with my burger. It also comes with a big serve of fries. Yum. It does cost $19.50, but it's really worth it.

Then there's the dessert.

Oh. My. God.

The dessert menu has changed since the last time I went to Kelly's. Last time I got a rhubarb crumble. It wasn't that good because the crumble just wasn't baked and caramelised for my liking. The crumble was missing from the menu today. In place, they had a Bailey's cheese cake with a Bailey's sauce. Apparently that's amazing. I ended up getting the Devonshire tea set: Three soft, freshly baked scones served with home made strawberry jam, whipped cream and a cup of tea. So wonderful, but it ended up getting too much for me. Lucky my friends helped me out so no food was wasted.

I wanted to talk about my conversation with my friends Matt and Elga, but I think this post should end about here. I'll save that story for another day. Right now, if you're ever in Olinda and on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, please please please visit Kelly's Bar. It's such a chilled place and the staff are really friendly.

Kelly's Bar and Kitchen

1510 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road,
Olinda, VIC, 3788

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