Friday, October 21, 2011


Goddamn that last post was a terrible blog post. I reread it and it was just awful. So hopefully, I can make up for it right now.

So today was day one in Flushing. It wasn't the most exciting of days considering all we did was hang around my uncle's place with the grandparents, and while that's all nice and lovely, you can only do so much without internet or a TV (yes, their TV doesn't work *sobs*). My grandma, dad and I went to the main street (also called Main Street) in Flushing to buy some groceries. It was pretty cool, but it did remind me of Box Hill a lot. But get this: FOOD IS SO CHEAP. It's unbelievable, and that's even with tax! We had breakfast this morning in a restaurant. We had some soy milk, you tiaos (fried dough) and onion pancakes – very Beijing, apparently. It cost us fucking $5.50. NO SHIT.

Oh and we bought 6 lobsters today for $57. YES FOOD IS THAT CHEAP. And I got some goober peanut butter and grape jelly because it was FUCKING $2.98.

But in all seriousness though, I got to hang out with my grandparents. I think my grandfather really wants to go back to China. I think he hates it here. I was showing him pictures of our house in Australia and he started talking about the house he lived in in China. He had some pictures of the house and it was a beautiful place, HEAPS nicer than my aunt and uncle's.  I know my aunt and uncle are doing their best to have everyone feel comfortable, but the house is TINY and they even have a housemate who, I reckon, probably feels really weird living with this family. He probably doesn't feel like it's even his home. I don't think it's the best place for my grandparents, and they also have to take care of my little cousins while my aunt and uncle are at work. It's not ideal at their age and situation.

My grandma showed me all the letters from my grandpa's doctor. Let's just say I've learned more about cancer today. It only just dawned on me that this cancer treatment is probably costing my aunt and uncle a lot of money, considering America's healthcare system is actually shocking. I'll be giving my grandparents $1000 soon, so hopefully, if they wish to use it that way, that money can go towards any medical bills.

I have to say, I really don't like one of my cousins. I'm psychoanalysing him and I really shouldn't because he's only 7 years old, but I just get the feeling he's going to grow up to be a bit nasty shit when he gets older. General selfishness and dissatisfaction with losing is very evident, and I know these are traits that are common with children, because they don't get "the bigger picture", but I really don't know any children who are like him. I should give him the benefit of the doubt though.

Anyway, here are some pics of Flushing.


  1. woah. so interesting that you get to hang with your grandparents. get to know different lifestyle etc

    i'm so excited for cheap food! i guess that explains why americans are super obese... lol

  2. I read your previous post, it sounded like it was some 80s Honkie mafia movie or something, typing in the dark and all lol..but it wasn't all that bad :) Although the place you're staying at doesn't sound all that appealing..

    But man CHEAP LOBSTER!!! I wish things were that cheap here. :( And the squirrel XD It's so cute! But it looks really big, like I thought squirrels were smaller than that..

    Anyway, keep us posted about the things you eat and do, and don't forget to stay happy!!

  3. the place is actually really good considering we are paying $50 a night (not $100). As long as it's clean with a clean bathroom, I'm all set.

    And the squirrel was tiny. I've just zoomed in heaps with the camera. All the squirrels are adorable and super little.

    And susie! People were queuing for pizza today in a SUPER LONG LINE.