Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pseudo - Fukkien

So day two of Flushing. I have to admit, I’m already bored. I feel like there’s really not much to do in Flushing and it’s just made worse when you know you are actually in New York, and an hour’s train ride to New York City. Unless you’re out eating heaps, there’s not much to do here. My uncle showed my dad and me where some of the shopping centres are. I thought Flushing Mall would be awesome, but it’s super empty there. We ended up going to Macy’s to buy my grandfather a North Face jacket because his one is ripped. Macy's is kinda like a Myer. It's essentially a department store.

I’ve been making a few observations about Flushing. The first one is that the majority of the Chinese population here speak the same dialect my parents speak. My mum says it’s called Fukkien, but I think it’s a bit different. Anyway, it’s really rare to find anyone who speaks this pseudo-Fukkien dialect, so it really felt like I was in China when every Chinese person I encountered was speaking this dialect.

So I guess it was fitting when my dad suggest we eat at a fu zhou eatery. I had a bowl of soy milk and a wedge of taro that’s been deep fried. I think what they did was cook some taro, grate it, lightly season with either salt or light soy, a bit of sugar and some allspice. So good. 

Dad also ordered some dumplings. I didn't eat any because I don't eat pork, but he said it was awesome, way better than anything in Melbourne. Afterwards, and I mean straight after breakfast, we went to yum cha. It was all right – decently tasty.

I’ve also noticed that my appetite has diminished drastically. I don’t know if it’s because of the nature of my trip or the plane ride where we were fed every three hours, but I’m not hungry. My dad says it’s because I haven’t done a lot of exercise so my body’s not burning up as much energy. I don’t know if that’s altogether true. I hope not, because there’s so much I could be eating. They have a Popeye’s around here, plus this place called Barone’s Pizza where everyone flocked towards at about 1pm, forming huge lines up the road.

Actually, what’s interesting is that all the eateries declare their health inspection grade and put up huge posters about choking. I wonder if they’ve made it mandatory for eateries and restaurants to do that. Maybe shop owners are liable for chocking customers so therefore they have these posters up as a precaution. It’s like that McDonald’s ‘urban legend’ where someone sued McDonald’s because they burnt their tongue with their coffee.

Anyway, here are some photos of flowers. they're not very good. My little cousin kept throwing tantrums because I was hogging the camera and he wanted to take photos. It was really frustrating:


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