Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flushed Away!

Hello all! I'm actually in America right now! It's so weird, it actually feels like I'm in China, probably because of all the relatives. I thought we were going to be staying with my Uncle but my god their little apartment is goddamn tiny, so my grandma has gotten us to stay at this house. It's kinda like a hostel, I suppose. It's basically a house with 3 rooms and where a bunch of people can stay at for $100 a night. I'm currently sharing a room with my dad. He's snoring away while I type all this in the dark. I don't know what we have planned tomorrow but we really need to buy some basic toiletries and power adapters.

The flight over to NY has been super long. We flew to LA and then to NY. The good thing was that we had a really good selection of films and TV shows to watch. I suppose I'm not used to that because I fly with Jet Star a lot and they don't give you shit. I saw this really 'eh' film called Monte Carlo which stars Selena Gomez, Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester. It's one of those Lizzy McGuire-esque films. I watched it because I wanted to see how Leighton Meester could perform as a not-Blair. She was all right. I think her character wasn't terribly great. She was like a toned down version of Blair Waldorf, and heaps nicer.

Anyway, I'm feeling myself drift to sleep so I shall write some more later!


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