Saturday, October 1, 2011

My body is a zombie for you

I've been dousing my body with gin and tonics. They are literally the most refreshing alcoholic drinks ever. Plus you don't feel bloated like when you have too much beer or champagne. No heartburn.

I've just submitted my second review for the Fringe Festival. I hope it's OK. I'm concerned that it is too much like a crappy what-not-to-do Year 12 art essay. I pondered out loud on Twitter if I should submit it online and I was told me to trust myself and just do it. So I did. I guess even if the review is terrible, maybe someone will tell me and give me some constructive feedback.

The review is of this wonderful art installation called "Dining with Cordyceps" by artist Jodie Goldring. I strongly urge you all to see it because it is actually amazing. Gosh, I am hyperbolic this evening. It must be the gin. But seriously, please go visit it. It's absolutely amazing and it will really make you think about your own buying habits and attitudes towards waste.

In other wonderful news, I have the day off tomorrow! It's been a crazy week at work with all the VM I had to do and also all the crazy influx of school kids on their school holidays. Gah. I really don't know why the hell I'm in retail because I find some customers just abhorrent. I just can't wait for the day where I get to quit my job.

But until then, here's an amazing video:

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  1. I love BBC! Watching Planet Earth on bluray is my favourite hobby. :D Although watching lots of bugs at this hour is a bit disturbing.