Tuesday, September 27, 2011

un momento

I was asking my mum what we would be doing in New York. I wasn't sure if we would be at the hospital or my uncle's house the majority of the time since we aren't in New York for a holiday or anything. But it seems like I must have more relatives than I knew because mum mentioned all these people on my dad's side of the family who we will be visiting a lot. Plus, my dad's cousin will be in New York. He lives in Canada and when he heard that my dad was coming to New York, he decided to come as well. I think he and my dad are really close, which makes me feel relieved. I get the impression that my father was a bit of a loner as a child. I'm glad he and his cousin were close. I remember his cousin and his wife came to stay with us back in '96 when they were visiting. My brother was just born and I think I was stunned that someone in my family could speak some basic English.

I also asked if we would be eating out much and if we would be doing all the touristy stuff like visiting the statue of liberty and Central Park. She said we should be, which is kinda nice. I'm getting increasingly excited about this trip, but at the same time, I do feel like I shouldn't be. I keep seeing things online like, say, Bobbi Brown make up, and think to myself, "I'm gonna buy shit loads of that in NY" and then remind myself that I'm there to see my grandpa. I think it's just me placing unnecessary pressure on myself to feel sadder than I am.

Anyway, I don't really have much to say other than that. I was looking online at Forever 21 and Liam suggested that I could possibly start buying stuff online and have it shipped to my uncle's place so I save on shipping. It's not a bad idea, I think. I'm not sure if I "need" anything from Forever 21 (ha ha), but I asked my mum about it and she said it should be fine as long as we give my uncle the heads up about an incoming package.

I hope you're all having a good week! The Fringe Festival started last week and my review is totally published on the buzzcuts website. Go check out all the reviews and support local arts!


  1. just wait til you can go to a forever 21 store and have the whole experience!
    there will be time from everything, because the family stuff will be very draining and everyone will need a break. i'm sure your mum will wanna get into nyc and do a bunch of that classic stuff, esp if she hasn't been there before!

  2. my mum's not going to NY with us cos she needs to look after the bro.

  3. Just go nuts when you're in NY! It's not everyday a girl gets to be there. I'd love to be there but the airfares are way out of my budget. There's a time to be sad and there's a time for shopping. You can do both, they don't clash :)