Saturday, September 24, 2011


Last night I went to my first Fringe Festival gig. It was a really good show and now I need to write a review about it but I'm feeling writer's block at the moment and I need to have it all done by tomorrow. I'm having trouble, mostly because of self-doubt. I'm just scared I'll write a shit review. I've been reading all the reviews on the buzz cuts website and they've all been really good so I'm feeling a bit nervous, but I really shouldn't since it's only a 350 word review and I really enjoyed the show.

Actually, last night I had to go to the show alone, which is something I rarely do because I'm scared of being independent or something. So when I rocked up to the venue early, I basically made a beeline for the bar and ordered myself a pint of Lithuanian beer. I thought we weren't allowed to bring drinks with us to the performances so I basically tried to drink a pint of beer in 7 minutes, which I'm clearly not able to do. Then, when I decided to abandon my beer, I realise that drinks were allowed into shows, so I ran back into the bar and grabbed my beer (hoping that no one has spiked the damn thing) and dashed back in line.


Seriously, this is why people get drunk at mingling events. It quells your anxiety. Dulls out your perception that other people know that you are here alone. It's like texting someone or using your smartphone between bands at music concerts. Because the idea of people knowing you are alone is worse than actually being alone.

Is this the same for everyone, or is it just me?

I need to write this review.

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  1. I think most people don't like being's part of being human. Now sure whether the idea of people knowing you're alone is worse though..haven't really gone to places by myself that much, I always try to drag my boyfriend or at least a friend to go along with me. I guess I'm worse than you at being independent..:P How did the review go?