Thursday, September 1, 2011

Levels of Inebriation

I had a discussion with my friend about the levels of inebriation a person could reach. He said that sometimes when he got drunk, it felt like he could never get un-drunk. My experiences are less intense, but basically for me, there are two paths I can go down. The first being that I just fall asleep and feel dehydrated the next morning. The other path is where I mentally pass out but my body and mind keep partying on, which leads to a very horrible morning after where your mind tries to clutch on and piece together the very few fragments of "what happened last night" while very hungover.

When I think about it now, I suppose every drunken incident leads to one falling asleep/passing out. I would say that the difference is that you just don't regret as much. When you fall asleep, you can't have random sex with a stranger (I suppose that's debatable depending on where you fall asleep), get escorted/carried out of a bar by security, lose your wallet, break several wine glasses, try to pick up your friend, actually pick up a womaniser, forget to go home, cry a lot, sing songs from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, booty call someone, drunk text your friends, scream in a car, throw up all over the $150 vodka you just paid for AND THE LIST GOES ON. I haven't done all those things. It's merely a collection of things my friends and I have done when severely drunk. I'm sure you can add your tale to the list.

Or not.

Ages ago, back in first year of uni, my friends and I were really into Thursday nights at Cho Gao. At the time, they did free champagne for ladies and boy did we take advantage of that. It was a ritual for us. We'd get decently tipsy at Cho Gao and we'd sometimes move on to other bars like Workshop. It was so much fun because I just really loved the people I got to do this with, and I still do. I've had some intense D and M moments at Cho Gao, all before 10:30 pm (last bus home). That's probably why I like Thursdays so much.

I'm feeling nostalgic now.

Do you have any drunken stories you'd like to share?

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