Wednesday, August 31, 2011



I'm actually feeling rather queasy today. Perhaps it's the fact that I have so much cleaning to do, paired with the fact that my hyperactive dog has somehow lost the ability to jump on chairs. It's actually freaking me out because I'm scared there's something wrong with her arms/legs. I've been feeling around her arms and I can't feel anything, but if this keeps up I'll take her to the vet tomorrow. She seems fine though. She can jump off chairs so I don't know what the deal is.

So to keep my mind off things, I've just been watching a lot of TV. I just finished watching the latest of ep of Pretty Little Liars and ZOMG! Intense. I really need the next episode STAT. I'm also enjoying Friends and Party Down.

I'm heading into the city to meet Liam for dinner but I'm thinking I might head there earlier for some frozen yoghurt. Cacao Green do probably the best frozen yoghurt in the city. I tried out the frozen yoghurt at Tutti Fruitti at QV, but it's no Cacao Green. It's way too expensive because you pay according to weight and you just never know how much you put in your cup. Although they do have taro flavoured yoghurt and it's really tasty, but it still doesn't beat Cacao Green.

On a totally different topic, I've just discovered the photography of Carli Davidson who does a lot of animal photography, and she's doing one on disabled pets and it is just the most touching photos I've ever seen. It would warm the coldest of hearts. I'm not going to post any of her photos on my blog, but go visit her website. It's wonderful!

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