Friday, July 15, 2011

First day in Krabi

So I'm finally home! It's been an awesome 2.5 weeks. I wish I was still back in Thailand, but what can you do? Anyway, I had grand plans to just blog every day about my day but that's not possible for two reasons: 1) I'm on holiday doing awesome things and 2) there was no internet. I will blog about a few bits and pieces but really, somethings don't need to be blogged about.

Anyway, to launch into things, after our stay in Bangkok, the very next day we headed out to the airport so we could get to Krabi. We didn’t have time to get any breakfast so we decided to get some at the airport. Again, bad luck reigned as we were checking in. TWO couples in front of us had too much luggage and neither were willing to pay an extra fee. It was so frustrating because they kept arguing with the lady checking people in and really, it’s not her fault they brought too much luggage. And because of this, my boyfriend and I almost didn’t get time to find food (but luckily we got some cheeseburgers from maccas and ate it all up while we were in line about to board the plane) didn’t get to sit next to each other on the plane. Actually, he ended up sitting with one of the couples that were refusing to pay a fine. He said they complained the whole flight about shoddy airport service. Whatever. Oh but guess what? That goth/emo couple that we saw in Melbourne was also on our flight! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

When we finally settled down, we headed down to the streets to find food. One of the street vendors were selling these tiny coconut pancakes.

They were delicious! The man at the vendor instructed us to sprinkle in the sugar into them pancakes. The middle of the pancakes are still a bit running so when you bite into the pancakes, they squirt out hot batter into your mouth and down your chin. The batter is full of coconut flavour, enhanced with the added salt. That’s what I love about Thai food: that perfect balance.

A cool dog

The BF fishing for some coconut flesh

We kept walking and found a man selling coconut juice from the back of his ute. We drank it by the beach, admiring the view. It was amazing. He gave us some plastic spoons to spoon bits of coconut flesh out from inside the coconut. After we finished our coconuts, we kept exploring the street. There are a lot of stores that just sell the same things, like “I Heart Krabi” t shirts, and elephant print things. I really wanted to go into the shops and buy a pair of thongs but the idea of haggling freaked me out. I mean, I don’t want to be ripped off, but I felt too embarrassed to demand a lower price, even though I know it’s standard to negotiate a smaller fare.

Lunch was at a place called Jeanette’s. The majority of restaurants in Ao Nang try to appeal to Western palettes so they will present themselves as serving burgers, pizzas and whatnot, but they will always have a Thai menu. I think I was very wary of these places after reading so many food blogs that swear by street food, but eating at Jeanette’s was great because it broke that spell, I suppose. We ordered a green curry and som tum (papaya salad). It was delicious.

Green Chicken Curry

Som Tum Papaya Salad

Dinner was awesome. My boyfriend’s parents have been raving about this awesome seafood restaurant that overlooks the beach that does lobster a million ways. I think it’s called Ao Nang Seafood. We decided to get dressed up, or at least I did because it felt appropriate, and ordered some som tum, steamed fish with Thai herbs, and lobster with coconut cream and chilli paste. It was delicious. I also had a pina colada that looked this:

It was delicious, probably a lot more complicated than most pina coladas since there was pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut milk, and rum. Maybe even some Malibu. God I love Malibu with good pineapple juice.

Geeking out over my cocktail

Prawn Som Tum

Lobster with Coconut Cream and Chilli Paste

Steamed Fish with Thai Herbs


  1. Don't you just hate people who do the wrong thing and refuse to pay for their mistakes? Stupid people.
    LOVE the look of the food! The lobster looks almost menacing but delicious at the same time :D
    Keep the photos coming!

  2. Yeah! And one of them had the nerve to tell the lady at check in that he wasn't impressed with the service and speed! Yeah the lobster looks like it would stab you in the heart, but SOOOOO tasty!