Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 1 in Bangkok

I'm in Krabi now and I'm enjoying my time here. This is the first post that documents my trip to Thailand. It's very text heavy so apologies about that. If you'd like to read it, go for it.

My first night in Bangkok was a real cultural shock. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I felt severely overwhelmed by everything, most likely due to the 9 hour flight, where we only munched on cheese and crackers and nuts. And wine. I swear, it should be illegal to not feed people on such a long flight. Yeah OK technically we do get fed, but that’s only if we pay an additional fee for food and I think that’s so not fair, considering Pringles cost about $5 on Jetstar flights.

What we did do was share a burger at the airport. I actually wasn’t going to eat at the airport because I wanted to be ready for street food in Bangkok but considering our flight was a 9 hour one, it would have been a dumb move. So, this burger: we weren’t sure how good it would be but it surprised us by being super tasty! Sadly there are no photos but it was a beef burger with a thick and moist beef pattie, served on good quality buns, some rocket and sweet tomato relish. Delicious. I noticed that at the cafe there was a goth/emo-looking couple eating margarita pizzas. When we boarded our flight, that same couple was on the plane! Weird coincidences.

Anyway the 9 hour flight was slightly agonising. My boyfriend’s dad bought me the “Tattler” magazine. I thought the girl on the cover was Emma Roberts so I was like, “Awesome!” because I am a huge fan of Emma Roberts. Turns out it was someone from some rich British family. In fact the whole magazine was about rich people from rich British families, maybe loosely related to the Royal family. It’s so weird! It’s like... if the gossip girl website was in magazine form. I honestly don’t know why anyone in Australia would buy and read this magazine because it just seems so ... irrelevant.

Once we landed in Bangkok airport, it seemed like we had some bad luck getting out of the airport. We weren’t the problem, but the lady at the visa section took AGES processing someone’s visa and so we were in line for ages trying to have our visas processed. When we were done at the airport, we took a confusing train ride to our hotel. It’s actually lucky that our hotel is practically part of the train station so we managed to quickly dump our stuff in our room, and go out for some food.

As soon as we made it onto the street, this man was trying very hard to get us to ride in his tuk tuk. He was very persistent. He seemed very nice but we weren’t interested. There were these vendors right next to the hotel selling all kinds of food. I was, again, very overwhelmed by the options available that I just froze. I didn’t know what to order, so we ended up sharing some tom yum goong with rice. No photos, unfortunately, but it was super delicious. Afterwards, we went to a bar and had some gin and tonics, then we went back to our hotel room for some sleep.

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  1. It's unfortunate to hear that you didn't get fed on the flight! How did you manage to survive that? I would have died I think. I'm quite used to long flights because I travel to China and other parts of Asia at least once a year, sometimes two. We always go with China Eastern or Air China which get us fed (the price is included in the ticket).
    I can see how Thailand can be quite overwhelming, we went with tour groups on both occasions so didn't have that problem. Have lots of fun though and soak up the sun :)