Friday, July 15, 2011

A day in pictures

Here is a photo blog entry.

Our towels made into an elephant. Yes it looks like a wang.

A necessary mirror shot

Our view from the balcony

Sick sunset from our balcony

Imagine having jackfruits growing in your backyard

We were walking along the beach and we found these tiny little white crabs running around the sand and hide in their little holes. It was very cute.

"Oh shit, I've been busted! Pretend to be sand..."

Awesome chicken, chilli and basil stir fry

Some kind of skewer


We went to a nice little place called Sabi Sabi for some food. The waiters there were really friendly.

Nerding out with my pina colada

Pad See Ew

Tom Kha Kai

Heart-shaped rice

We then went to a rock bar to hear some music. It was just the two of us and the drinks were so cheap that we got kinda drunk. The band there were really fun, and really eager to please us and play music. We got to request songs and it was just fun. I really wanted people to come in and chill out, because they were such nice guys, but no one would. Anyway, if you're ever in Ao Nang, go check out the Rock Bar. They're nice guys.


  1. COUGH at that first elephant towel photo LOL! Love it, so cute :P
    The crabs look like they blend in, were they big enough to eat? They'd be scared of me if I went cos I'd try to cook them aha
    Such lovely views as well! That heart shaped rice looks vaguely like the mango pudding we have here in all good Chinese restaurants :D

  2. Yeah the rice molds remind me of mango pudding at yum cha :) And those crabs were pretty little and they scuttled really fast!