Friday, July 15, 2011

Visiting the Islands

When my boyfriend suggested that we go on a boat to visit all the islands, I had to admit I was slightly uneasy about it. See, I can't swim, and water can make me super nervous. But you know what, I had so much fun that day! We went to Tub, Poda and Chicken Islands, all for 1700 Baht, which is like, AU$53! Can you imagine hiring a boat to take you around to Islands in Australia for only AU$53?

We started our day with banana roti. We got up a bit later than we should so we had to eat and walk.

Bloody delicious

We hopped in a tuk tuk and made our way to the docks to get on a boat. Yes, cue all the "I'm On a Boat" jokes.

Obligatory tourist shot

The view was amazing. Photos don't do the views and scenery any justice. Here are some shots:

These monkeys stole this bag of snacks from some tourists. Word of warning, don't take snacks to an island full of monkeys. They will rob you.

We got back on the boat and visited Chicken Island. It's called Chicken Island because it looks like a chicken's head!

Feeding the fishies

I don't know if you can see, but Tom Oliver, who plays Lou Carpenter was totally on the island when we visited. He gave me some bread to feed the fish and him and my boyfriend started talking and I lost my shit by blurting out, "ARE YOU TOM OLIVER?", But totally tried to redeem myself. He was a really lovely fella.

Anyway, after that very exciting afternoon, we were super hungry so we munched on a pad thai omlette and some chicken pad krapow. Check it:


  1. fucking hell i want that banana roti

  2. I can't swim either! I loved the life saver I had on when I went snorkeling :D We unfortunately went with a tour group so didn't get a chance to visit all the different islands, although we did see monkeys~ I want that banana roti too! :(

  3. I don't think we got to see all the islands either. It was so much fun!!