Friday, June 17, 2011


Last night, I made the conscious decision to sleep in this morning. I left my phone on all night to use up the rest of its battery life so I could charge it fresh in the morning. My body must have reacted to that because in a fit of panic, I got out of bed at 8:19am, freaking out that I did not know the time. What a waste of a "sleep in".

I've finished my one week trial internship yesterday. I had the best 4 days in a professional working environment in a very long time. I learned so much and had so much fun. The only sad part was I wasn't given a job. Actually, it's not that sad because I understand that I am just not that experienced enough, and judging by how busy it was, it would have been unfair to the two people working there to have a noob work with them. I was told that to come back after my trip to Thailand to do more unpaid interning because they really saw that I could be a part of the company, so I'm definitely going to do that, as well as find other awesome post production companies and ask to intern with them.

In other world news, I am going to THAILAND in EIGHT days! That is crazy! And it's almost my birthday so I am 5 days closer to eating cheese. Goddamn I am going to have so much fun. ACtually, you know what? I had a bagel yesterday. And a mini chocolate cupcake with delicious chocolate icing. I KNOW. WHAT WOULD MY TRAINER SAY? Actually, it's OK. I'm going to "exercise" today and see how I go. I still can't run because my ankle/tendon in my foot is still sore, but I can walk so that's what I will do.

Oh and guess what? Pretty Little Liars is back on TV.... Um, HELLS YEAH!

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