Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is a nothing blog post. It's just gushing.

I spent all of last night trawling the internet for Thai fashion blogs. I've been under the impression that Thais must just wear summer clothes ie. no pants/jeans/leggings/closed toe shoes etc. It was very naive of me to assume that. I mean, I remember going to Sydney for a few days and it was the hottest time ever and I wore boots with everything. But anyway, I finally found some Thai fashion blogs! I was pleasantly surprised that Bangkok street style is super alive and kicking with all kinds of sartorial layers.

I found a couple of blogs and dude, I just wanna be in Thailand so badly right now. I don't think I can express how much I want to be in Thailand already! It seriously does remind me of Singapore fashion, but it's different too (obviously). I suppose the similarities come from being in similar climates.

Actually, this morning, just for fun and because the heating was on, I totally tried on all the summer clothes I had packed for Thailand, to see what they looked like on. I'm glad I did that because I took out a few dresses and shorts because they don't fit me any more. It's sad, actually because I have no boobs now. It's the cruelest part of losing weight. BUT, it just means I get to buy new clothes! I'm so excited about it because I've been dying to go shopping. Lately all my money has been spent on buying bus tickets and medicine for my cough, food for my "diet" (HATE THAT WORD) and the odd phone bill. I suppose here is where I am grateful that I still live at home.

I've been told to just not bring any clothes to Thailand and I am seriously contemplating it. My partner's sister and her husband want to bring some clothes to Thailand to give to his relatives (because he is Thai), and asked us to take them to Thailand for them. Gosh, I'm so excited. This is all I think and talk about these days. It's like my life is presently on hold. Like I'm trying to use these weeks to get into shape and then when we leave for Thailand, it's like... being reborn, in a way. It's very exciting.

I am hoping that this will help me in the confidence department too, not with my looks or anything, but I've just had a lot of self-doubt about myself, and I feel like these doubts always hinder me from completing any projects or whatever. I hope if I can stick with this "diet" and reach some kind of goal... physique, perhaps it will emphasise to me that I can complete anything I start. It's weird, I always feel like I can't let other people down, but when it comes to myself, I don't mind letting myself down. I guess I'm trying to change that. I've got some great friends who are really helping me out and stuff so that's been really good.

Anyway, this blog post has digressed a bit too seriously. I'm hungry now.

Here are some Thai fashion blogs that I enjoyed reading, or at least, looking at the photos. I actually found them through lookbook and chictopia. I figured the chic peeps of Thailand would have a lookbook and maybe also a blog. My stratagem worked!

- PuddingBerry
- Fashion à la carte
- P.O. Box
- The Vintage Dolls

If you guys know of any more blogs, please send some links my way. Thanks!

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