Monday, March 21, 2011

A word, please...

I've been out of action for a week. I've been working at LMFF, editing videos for the web and filming runways. It's been very hectic: from meeting deadlines to having the whole team struck down with a gastro-esque virus (which made me miss out the Sportsgirl and Jack London shows), I'm pretty relieved it's over. I've even lost about 2-3 kgs, which you would think I'd be pleased about, but not really since that weight has been taken directly from my breasts (and there's not much there to begin with).

One thing that has been on my mind is definitely this horrible earthquake in Japan. I've been watch youtube videos of this french bulldog called Mirco who lives in Japan. His owners have been filming videos of him ever since they brought him to their home as a sweet little puppy. You not only learn a lot about Mirco, but also about the couple who look after Mirco. From a distance, they're just cute videos of a french bulldog, but they're quite intimate when you watch several of their videos.

My thoughts are with this family and Mirco, along with everyone else engulfed in this shocking disaster. It's so horrible, and these nuclear explosions are just making things so much worse.

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