Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm at uni digitising tapes for a documentary. I've logged all of them and now they are capturing. I have to say, doing this today, I really do feel like tape is becoming )or perhaps it already is) obsolete. For the past couple of months, the majority of projects I've been involved in have recorded straight onto a hard drive or memory stick. It's just so fast. When I log and capture, everything is in real time. That's always frustrating, especially when you have 7 tapes that go for 35 minutes each. That's my whole day gone! But, whatever. It's good to know how to do it. Even transferring clips from a hard drive, it's good to appreciate good and clear labeling.

I used to do some transcribing for this documentary as well but the producer wants to do it herself so she can familiarize herself with the footage. That's fair enough. I'm not really a huge fan of transcribing. It's just so tedious sometimes. One 20 minute clip can take ages to transcribe, especially when the camera is following the subject as he or she is talking with people and whatnot. It gets pretty difficult, but someone's gotta do it. I don't mind it too much though because it means I can work from home.

Anyway, enough of this talk about editing and digitising. I wanted to look into something I discovered last night. I have twitter and one of the many people I follow has been using this site called Miso. And no, it is not something food related. I wish.

Miso seems to be this new kind of social networking platform that combines the best in facebook and twitter with film and television. I don't have an account yet (and I'll explain why later) but from what I browsed on the website and from what I watched on their videos, it seems to be a place for people to share what it is they are watching. For example, if I was watching How I Met Your Mother right now, I could go into my Miso account and "check-in" to watch a film. You pretty much post that you are watching a particular film. I suppose people who are your friends on the website can comment on it and you even write reviews for whatever it is you are watching. You can link your Miso account to your twitter and your facebook and that way, people know what you are watching.

The reason why I don't have an account (yet)is probably because I feel the purpose of Miso is really to tell your core group of friends what you are watching and within your little "tribe, you can have little discussions about films. I love all of that, however, I don't know if I can convince my friends to join and check-in every time they watch a film. I mean, it's really no different to posting a status update about what film you are watching. I mean, I would get an account just to test it out. I'm game to try new internet things. I mean, this is my guess from what I can observe on the website. I might trial it for a week and see what my thoughts are after.

Do you use Miso? What are your thoughts?

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