Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Io sonno molto triste

Last night I went to see the new Facebook movie. It was all right. The review is below. I went with my partner. Afterwards we went and had dinner at Indolicious, which is a nice little Indonesian-Malaysian joint. I ordered the Char Kway Tiao (it was fairly average) and my partner ordered grilled chicken with some kind of curry/satay sauce. Very nice. Then we had dessert at MyCube (it's like really cool because it's like board games heaven. My partner doesn't really like it there but I love it and figured dessert there would be ace). He ordered some ice cream and a beer. I ordered their famous panda pannacotta with a hot chocolate. That was probably a bad move because the panda pannacotta was totally really sweet! But it was super delicious! It was a soft, creamy, vanilla pannacotta that had a moat of this crazy sweet syrup which I think is called gulu melaka (it's a palm sugar syrup). Paired together, it was almost a biscuity taste. Divine indeed.

So the facebook movie, aka 'The Social Network".

I don't know if I liked it all that much to be honest. It's pretty much about how Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg, who stands up to be more than just a Michael Cera look-alike) started facebook and how he got in a lot of legal trouble from not only the Winklevoss twins (played by the GORGEOUS Armie Hammer), but his bestfriend and business partner Eduardo Saverin (played by Andrew Garfield).

I didn't like the character of Zuckerberg (he's sexist and arrogant, obsessively ambitious and childish), and that's fine. I think when you feel an emotion towards a character, it's a really good pat on the shoulder for the writer, director and actor: they created a great character. That's all good. The issue was that while Zuckerberg is a crap person, they use Rashida Jones' character, who is set up to be this perceptive observer, to make Zuckerberg seem like just a decent guy who is misunderstood.

This is when I will bring in the issues about sexism around the film. People say that all the female characters, aside from Rashida Jones and Zuckerberg's ex, are "skanky" lasses. I don't have a hug problem with that.

The issue is this:

When you have Zuckerberg calling his ex a bitch, setting up a website that compares women's hotness, and then at the end of the film, presenting him as a misunderstood guy who's actually not the ass hole his ex calls him, and is actually just a nice but socially inept guy, that's when it is/seems sexist. They're just defending him and, in a way, defending him being sexist, saying it's actually OK because he is just a socially inept nerd.

That's how I see it as being sexist. What are your views?

Aside from this, I enjoyed everyone's performances, I liked that Armie Hammer played both Winklevoss twins, and I love that JT plays a psychotic and manic Sean Parker (it's ironic that he plays the Napster creator).

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