Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quanti anni hai?

Why hello there, reader! Thank you for visiting. I hope this post does not disappoint, although knowing me it might disappoint, but I say, read this post with no expectations because expectations create disappointment.

I've been thinking about what I want to do after uni is actually done forever and I'm a little lost. I fear I will never get a job so I end up thinking of staying at uni, doing some other degree or whatever. But now that I'm thinking about it all a bit more realistically, I want to turn my study room into an edit suite, given that no one else uses this room other than me. I figure I could fish for small editing jobs on the side while I study/do unpaid other jobs.

I'm keen on my buying my own cameras, might even take a few photography courses to polish some mad skillz. I feel like right now, I am more inclined to be creative. I want to write and read more (and by writing and reading I mean more than blogs), cook more and be healthier in general.

I have to say, this sudden desire to create is all thanks to these Typo stores. I think they are a really good stationary shop that doesn't cost you an arm or leg. They've got the cutest notebooks and diaries and so I've decided that once I've handed in my last assignments etc, I'm going to treat myself to a notebook and a diary, and maybe a pen too. This is going to be sweet as.

Aside from this, I'm totally keen to go shopping too. I haven't bought any new clothes in a really long time because I'm super poor and because I want to trim up a bit before I go shopping. Although this is going to be difficult since I love food and want a deep fryer for Christmas.

Maybe I'll make it work.


  1. we will go to Savers! you can buy awesome things then =D

    I am also worried about what will happen after university. I want to study more things too, but not because I'm concerned about being free from study, but mostly because there are a lot of things I want to learn that I have not learnt yet.

    It was so nice seeing you last night btw! I feel really silly for thinking Z would ever like me tho, cos I have been realising that he is just nice. You know how sometime it's easy to confuse niceness with other thingness? Yeah. I am so guilty of that. I'm upset, it always happens to me. I am having a bit of a pity party at the moment because a few other things are going "wrong". We need to catch up soon my dear.

    I'm hanging out with Josh tomorrow afternoon! If you're doing nothing you should so come!

  2. sigh. Yeah i know. I just think all the boys who are nice to me are just in love with me. Not seriously, but there is a bit in me that seems to gravitate to that conclusion, serious or not.

    yes: savers and catch up FTW!