Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's that moment in our lives where we realise we no longer are students any more but are fully-fledged adults who probably need to get their driver's license and move out of their parent's house and in turn find a full time job that can pay for car and rent. Sigh. We're in the real world now.

I do think it's cruel to suddenly have the blanket pulled from under us. I think I at least need a few days to collect myself (ie. DO NOTHING). I need some time to think about what I want to do with myself and it's really confusing. I don't see myself as doing the one job for the rest of my life. I see myself moving around and making mistakes and being poor for a long time before I can comfortably have my own place to live and own.

It is really the time to start doing the things I wanted to do on my large to do list that I never get around to doing because I'm either too busy or too preoccupied with doing nothing. Here goes the list.

- Read. Because of uni, I don't see reading as an enjoyable activity, which is the biggest shame since I want to read. I want to enjoy reading again. I was really into reading before uni started and now it just seems like the biggest effort to read anything in a book because I've associated it with doing readings for uni. Not anymore. I'm going to read heaps now that I have time. On my list are basically all the books Susie has either given me or loaned me. I should get them out of the way first, along with this awesome Walter Murch book about editing that my friend Liane got me for my birthday.

- Learn Italian. Hence the blog titles are in Italian.

- Get a REAL job. Not a shitty retail job.

- Exercise. Yeah, this is the shittest bit of my list. Who the fuck wants to exercise? Well, I suppose I do, but begrudgingly so. My friends over at People are Just People have started jogging, and while I'm not game enough to launch forth in "running shoes" down my street, their initiative to "getting fit" has spurred me on to do the same.

- Listen to NEW music. Stop hiding behind the classics. Branch out. Go to gigs!

- Buy a 5D or 7D

- Write. I think I've convinced myself that I can't write, and certainly I'm not as good as Susie and Stacey as they read so much and write so much that of course they are wonderful writers. I think paired with reading, I hope to fully slide into the seat of writer and start, well, writing fiction. I was really into writing fiction in primary school and high school. Somewhere along the way I got distracted so I hope to write more AND have people READ what I write for feedback. Maybe I'll submit something into Voiceworks. Who knows.

- Cook, Bake – be awesome with food

- Take more photos.

- Save up enough money to set up my editing studio

- Hang out with friends. I'm terrified we all get high school syndrome as soon as we leave uni. I want to keep in touch with my uni friends. I cherish them so much and it upsets me the most when most of them have to go back home after the semester is over. It upsets me that some of my closest friends at uni have to stay in their country of origin. It's just a huge flaw in our government's immigration laws. But let's not get too serious about this. I want to hang out with my friends more so than I have done in the past.

So this has gotten rather mushy. Pretty much, I want to do a lot of things. A lot of things. Now that uni is over, I have no excuse NOT to do them.

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  1. this blog post makes me happy. it's nice to have goals, but I would encourage you not to get upset if you just hang around being lazy for a while. because that's inevitable, you know? and it's good to do that sometimes.
    you should DEFINITELY submit something to Voiceworks. Next issue theme is "pulp" (blurb here for inspiration). We always need nonfiction so if you write that we'll adore you. I was thinking about writing a nonfiction piece about pulpy magazines and like magazine culture in Australia. Except people who read Voiceworks probably like the magazines I really want to bag out (like frankie, it just irks me).
    Also as per our conversation last night we will still be chums. Aren't we always wishing at uni that there were no assignments and stuff and that we could just hang? We will realise the dream.
    Fuuuuck it's raining and I've got washing on the line!!!! DAMNNNN