Friday, July 16, 2010

No. Just no.

My mother is a bizarre character. I still don't know how to figure her out. Her friend, let's call him James, is over at our joint, trying to get our printer working via the wireless network. He's a cool guy, and he used to date mum's friend, Ada. Mum was first friends with Ada when I was about 16, so that means they've known each other for about roughly 5 years, or more. James and Ada broke up a few years ago, and both parties have moved on. Ada is presently in China, probably married as she's also MIA. James is engaged. OK, the story starts now.

So James is over, trying to get my printer going, when mum decides it is absolutely appropriate to bring up Ada into conversations. And look, that's not really a bad thing, depending on the break up. I think their break up was fairly mutual so I guess it's not too bad. But mum didn't ask James stuff like, "have you spoken to Ada recently?" No. She dives into gossip by saying, "your current fiancé looks so much like Ada".

*Face palm*

James was shocked, and said, "Really?? She's so different to Ada." Mum then proceeded to emphasise that they merely look very similar. So more chit chat ensues, questions about what the new fiancé does for a living, etc.

Sidebar. Mum, Ada and James have another mutual friend called... Amy. She used to go out with some fellow called... Henry. Anyway, Amy is now with a different fellow, who is about 3-4 years younger. Amy is 26.

James receives a phonecall and when he hangs up, mum asks if James was talking to some guy she knew through Amy called... Kevin. Kevin made a comment to my mum once, calling her "god mother" or something. Anyway, it's been 5 years and mum is still utterly amused that he called her that. I don't know why she brought it up. I suspect mum likes reliving the past. See, Ada, James, Amy and another friend of hers called Sophia were THE gang she hung out with. They were all significantly younger than her, and they doted on my mum the way I never did. So she LOVED it. I think they're closer to my mum than I am to her, probably because they don't live with her, and have their own freedom ie. my mum treated them as an adult, rather than a child. Oh, how mightily bitter I sound.

Anyway, so a few months ago, we went to a buffet with Amy and Sophia. Amy showed off her new beau. He seemed nice. He was young and studying mechanics at Tafe; just your average dude, really. Turns out, Sophia has advised Amy to ditch this new guy because he was supposedly useless, ie. not good enough for Amy.

Then mum talks about Amy's break up with Henry. Apparently Henry was all like, "You will regret breaking up with me", being a massive a-hole. And mum commented, saying, "even though he said that, I still like Henry more than her new boyfriend."

Now, this is where I felt super outraged and had to vent on twitter.

First of all, mum has only met Amy's new boyfriend once, and she's decided that she doesn't like him already. Second, the fact that Henry was all "you will regret dumping me" is enough to signal he is a gigantic prick, hence not at all good enough for Amy (or anyone, for that matter). Third, I'm pretty sure Amy has broken up with Henry before because he's been a douche to her. Fourth, I KNOW mum doesn't like Amy's boyfriend because he's younger and studying at Tafe instead of uni. And five, IT'S NONE OF HER BUSINESS.

Argh. I suppose this annoys me because she's doing the same thing to me. Except, I can't escape her judgement. I just want to point it all out to her. She's so stuck in 2006. Get out of there. It's 2010. Oh and now she's asking James if he was bothered that Ada was 2 years older. IS THAT YOUR BUSINESS? NO.

Leave people alone.


Anyway, here's something to lighten the mood:

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