Friday, July 16, 2010

Sugar spell it out

I feel like making a list now.

Places I want to visit and why:

Canada: Tegan and Sara/Robin Scherbatsky/Poutine/Deep-fried cheese curds. I want to visit Montreal, Vancouver, Ontario and Alberta. I don't know what's there in Ontario or Alberta, but it's mentioned heaps in How I Met Your Mother, and that show is awesome.

San Fransisco: Annabel Ly's blog/food/culture. I follow the blog, Blushing Ambition, where the lovely Annabel indulges us with all the lovely food she eats with her bf and the wonderful clothes she wears. It seems stunning, and I love food. I really want to go there.

Hong Kong: Disney world/authentic yum cha/shopping. My partner and I are in talks of maybe going to Asia again this summer. I think Hong Kong will be awesome because everything is like so cheap, food will be amazing and DISNEY WORLD FUCK YEAH.

Ireland: Guinness/David O Doherty/Cillian Murphy/really green grass. I've always dreamed that Ireland would be the place I flee over to if I ever need to "discover" myself in a foreign country. I have plans to shack up with a sexy, rugged Irish man, and maybe come back home with a pseudo-Irish accent.

Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/Vietnam: Food/food/food/food. FOOD.

I'm feeling happy today. I feel really good. I don't know why. Maybe it has something to do with having a good night's sleep, and some kind of Tegan and Sara dream. Yes, I am thoroughly obsessed with them. They always circulate around attending one of their gigs and meeting them. This time, Tegan and I discussed Irigaray and Sara said she liked me collar bones. Ha. I wish.

I feel really... productive, even though all I've done is make myself food to eat. I've got a film I will be filming with some lovely ladies, a TV show I'm also filming with another good friend. I've also decided that I want to look into feminist and queer films for honours, and writing a script that will hopefully be made. I may even dabble in directing, who knows. Ah. I feel happy.

AND... I will be a guest on my dear friend Susie's radio show, "Flash in the Pan", tomorrow afternoon at 3pm, SYN on 90.7fm. Seriously, if you're in Melbourne, do check it out. We will be gushing about Masterchef. And I might, just might, sigh over hot men on that show. AND... there will be some food related songs so stay tuned.

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