Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rate my day

Once again, the lovely lasses over at People are Just People want us to rate our days, and I shall do exactly that! I have to say, I can't urge you enough to participate in these activities. It's fun, and interesting to read how people respond to each topic.

So I woke up at 9:30am instead of the 8am I set my alarm for (4/10, annoyed that I've wasted my day, but overall refreshed). I contemplated breakfast, but launched into some vegan cupcake baking while The Circle played in the background (8/10, Yumi Stynes is so cool). The cupcakes come out, with most of them stuck to the tin (2/10, epically annoyed as I did spray the tins with oil).

Yumi Stynes

Then Bel and her sister came over to help with my lolly bags (8/10, excited). Bel and I gossiped about work (2/10, infuriated by my manager's attack on my service skills) while Sam sifted through my hard drive and started watching The IT Crowd (8/10, season three, good laughs). Bel and Sam finish packing the lolly bags while I put the final batch of muffins in the oven (8/10, proud). Bel and Sam go home and I make myself some steamed prawn dumplings and salad (9/10, healthy and tasty). Mum calls, asking me to defrost some food. It's 3pm, I'm nervous because I start work at 4pm. I get a message from work, I start work at 5:30pm instead of 4pm (5/10, relieved I don't have to rush and able to sneak in a shower, annoyed at losing money).


I hop in the shower and find a rash building on my thigh: I've been bitten my some kind of tiny insect (3/10, slightly alarmed, itchy and a bit curious). I get out of the shower, and dress in a hurry: "plaid" shirt (buttoned up to the top), navy woolen vest, purple jeans (homage to Emma Roberts in Wild Child, even though her jeans were pink), and faux tortoise shell glasses (8/10, . felt pleased with my appearance. I also want a bow tie).

Emma Roberts

Head off to work, decided to make macaroons tomorrow (9/10, fucking excited). Start work, I find out it's just me and Matt working (7/10, I like Matt, and I'm so glad I'm not working with authority people). Manager stressed the importance of customer service (4/10, sick and tired of hearing this). Worked (2/1o, bored). Then my partner came to visit me and said hi, showed me the goodies he bought: a vest and shirt for my 21st, and a xbox controller so I can play Tekken 6 with him (10/10, I miss him and I can't wait to play Tekken 6).

I want to play as the panda

Cash up, go home, eat food (7/10), facemail my partner (10/10), watch some IT Crowd (10/10), sitting in bed, cuddling my hot water bottle (10/10).

So that's my day. It's super dull *smiley face*

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