Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

It's my birthday!

It's actually been a very mellow day, almost lonely, I guess. But I don't mind it too much. The only annoying thing is that my parents haven't really acknowledged that it is my birthday. I mean, mum bought a cake, but didn't say anything nice to me.

Regardless, I went and bought a build-a-bear for my friend's 21st. I hope she likes it. I know all her other friends have bought her some really nice designer things. I hope the bear is still appreciated. I also treated myself to some Baskin-Robbin's ice cream. I thought they had rainbow flavour, but they didn't so I got some cookies and cream. It was so nice! The cookies in this ice cream are just nuts. So delicious.

Speaking of ice cream, what exactly is rainbow flavour? I've been told it's meant to be bubble gum but it really doesn't taste like bubble gum to me. It's so good though. I used to work at a juice and smoothie place and they had rainbow ice cream and it was yummy as. Also, my partner and I found this ice cream place on Lygon st that does pandan and coconut ice cream. It is seriously, just the best. I'm hoping we can go for some tomorrow when we hang out!

Anyway, I'm going to hang with my peep Susie from People are just people. We're going vintage frock hunting for my Gatsby themed 21st party. I hope it goes down well. I think Susie said she wanted to go to peko peko but I think Peko Peko might be too expensive because it's like... $14 a meal. Whatever. We'll see how we feel tomorrow. I'm going to have to start mapping out all the trips we're going to make etc. I want Trippy Tacos for Trippy fries. OH, and tomorrow I need to drop off a deposit at Chi Lounge, where I'm having my 1920s themed Gatsby soiree.

This is most exciting. I'm lusting after a powder blue, backless flapper dress, with a pleated skirt. I know I will never find this, but one can dream. Perhaps I should draw my idea flapper dress?

Here are some wonderful photos I found:

I tried on a "flapper" dress the other day. Made me realise that my body is not built for a flapper dress. Makes me kind of sad...


  1. yea me and Erin were discussing this the other day. drop waists aren't very flattering unless you're stick thin. we shoulda gone with the food stamps idea tehe. so Chi Lounge it is then? I cannot wait to gab on about this with you all day tomorrow.

    as for ice cream flavours, rainbow is just rainbow. it's like how blue heaven milkshake flavour is just blue heaven. have you ever tasted a rainbow? maybe it really does taste like that! just like blue heaven. maybe it tastes like that.. Rainbow isn't bubblegum because there's an actual bubblegum flavour.. But whatevs, god I love baskin & robbins. esp their cookie dough one.

    it's funny that you described the cookie in the ice cream as being "just nuts" because.. you get nuts in ice cream too hehe

    we can go to trippy taco tomoz if you want. I don't mind =) or we could have lotf. YUM and CHEAP