Thursday, June 17, 2010

Over you, over you...

My pals over at vehementoolbox are awesome people and would like all of you to join in and write a blog post about a song you can't stop listening to.

Nothing easier and more fun than writing about a song you love right now. For me, I am absolutely loving a few Tegan and Sara songs. I love a lot of their songs, if not all of their songs. But the ones that have been on repeat are definitely "On Directing", "Alligator", "The Con", "Nineteen" and the surprisingly awesome "Feel it in my bones". That one has been played 221 times, almost surpassing the 272 times I've listened to Sean Lennon's "Tomorrow". Win.

So why is this the one I can't stop listening to, almost trouncing Sean lennon's simple little song? Well because it's so amazingly good. It's so unlike what Tegan and Sara normally do. It's just hot, to say the least. And the video is just stunning. It makes me want to cut my hair short and wear high collared shirts. Ah, wait, I've already done that.

I also met Tegan and Sara, and it wasn't a simple I saw them on the street sort of thing, either. I actually was asked to film them and they were just so cool. And yes I have photos, but I'm not publicly displaying my nerdy fan girl grin on the internet. Actually, I've already done that on facebook. Tee hee. Ah, I'm so lame.

Anyway, here's the video I filmed. They were talking about same sex marriage, and it was great. I love them.

They said they loved the video too. I'm so acknowledged right now.

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  1. Well obviously I was concerned by your absence (re: last post). I am glad that you have returned. I think that if my radio show gets up and running, I will make a monthly zine to accompany it. YAY PROJECTS! Was the name of the person who took us through the SYN training Evan? I have to write it on the form.

    Also this philosophy essay is going to suck really badly. I am hungry. I want meat.

    Thank you for participating in our blog post!