Thursday, March 25, 2010

You need SPF 45 just to stay alive

Josh has stated in his blog that he is thinking about using the Canon 5D to film the stuff for Screen Production. I personally think it's lame but that's because I don't like anything 5D or 7D operating like a video camera. I've been slightly affected by a certain incident, and now, my mind links the 7D camera to a douche bag. Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about that. But on a professional basis I think it's a good learning opportunity, especially exposing oneself to different editing situations ie. post-synching of sound and editing HD footage.

Anyway, this entry isn't about this camera. I don't know too much about the camera other then it has a HUGE sensor (bigger than the DSR 450) and is able to use a bunch of awesome lenses.What I am about to say next may seem disconnected, but I assure you it is very relevant. Or at least, it feels relevant to me. I must warn you that this might be a very personal blog post. I have recently succumbed to ... seeing every situation phallocentrically. I'm concerned about this, especially because it implies that I have a sexually perverted mind of some kind. But I don't think I do. At least not more than the "average" person. It's just everything is so blatantly sexualised. So many incidents lately that make me realise how phallocentric situations can be read.

It all started a few weeks ago where I was "abducted" by my friends Nick and Hadders. Pretty much, they were like "we're coming to pick you up. You're hanging with us today". So I did. They picked me up, we went microphone shopping (because Nick needs a new one), ate at Hungry Jacks (OMG HOW AWESOME IS HONEY MUSTARD?). In the car, the guys were all like, "you are an honorary guy" and so I said, "oh, I feel cool now". Nick then said, "don't get ahead of yourself, you don't have a penis yet", so responded, "if I had a penis, it would be massive". They guffawed at that comment and said I was totally a "bro" of some kind.

Now that I'm studying Freud at uni, it's all messing with me a little bit. Freud is all like "women wish they have wangs, so they repress this sadness and inadequacy and replace the need for a wang by having babies". That makes no sense. In fact, I am please I don't have external genitalia. I like being a woman, thank you. I don't know what my comment says about me unconsciously. It could just be a flippant comment and nothing more. After all, I was joking. Perhaps I was just proving just how much of a "bro" I was. Who knows.

Anyway, there was another incident after that first incident where the phallocentricity was semi obvious. Dad just put in new locks at our place because I broke a key one night and the key head got stuck in the key hole. I managed to pull it out but Dad was just keen to get new locks. So he gave me the keys and asked me to get the keys cut so everyone can have a key. So I did and when I tried it out, it didn't fit. I talked about it to my parents and we decided that it was because the keys the key cutters were using just wasn't long enough. So I tried to explain that to the key cutter, but he just insisted that that wasn't the problem and made some additional changes to the key. It still didn't work. So I went to a different key cutter. They also insisted that it wasn't the length of the key that was the problem. They did some more adjusting but it still didn't work. So Mum got fed up, thinking that maybe I didn't explain it to the key cutters properly, but she's gone and done this like 3 times now and the keys still don't work. WHAT THE HELL? Inadequate much? It's like... sure, mum and I don't know much about keys but it's quite obvious that the keys the key cutters were using were about a centimetre too short. But no, don't listent to us, don't listen to the women who know nothing about keys. They length of the key is fine. Fuck off.

Third incident: the way a certain person insisted on using a 7D camera for MIFF film shoot. How he indulged in praising the camera's possession of a MASSIVE sensor and all sorts of lenses. The camera was like an extension of his phallus, and he was so eager to show it off, brandish it like a sword, if you will. Ew.

I feel a bit hysterical now because everything is a penis.

Thanks, Freud.

All of this can be found on my uni blog. If you're interested, here's the link


  1. I felt freaked out when I first learnt about Freud. In psychology circles, he is generally pretty discredited. He did come up with some good ideas with regression,transference etc but his psychosexual model is just ridiculous. No little girl has penis envy. We psych students laugh at Freud because none of it is at all scientifically proven. Okay, psych rant over.

  2. agreed. i absolutely have no penis envy.