Sunday, March 28, 2010

All the things she said....

Here is another post about all the food I've been eating these past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy them. I'm thinking about bringing my camera with me and just... using a good camera to take photos instead of a shitty iphone.

This is deep fried camembert in a honey vinaigrette. My friend Jacki had her 20th birthday dinner at this Mexican-Japanese tapas place. Very nice. The camembert, while absolutely delicious, could have been deep fried for longer (or at least been warmer) because the cheese didn't turn all gooey like I had hoped for.

This beauty comes from this Lebanese restaurant called Tiba's. My partner and I go there semi-frequently. It's absolutely delicious! This dish is called the chicken shawarma. It's like... chicken on a spit and carved. It's so tasty. I cannot begin to describe how delicious this meal is. You get so much, plus a bag of bread to eat it with. All for twelve dollars. Every time we leave after a meal at Tiba's, we are just... stuffed. Plus, it's so good, we don't talk throughout the meal. We just look at each other and nod. That's how good it is. My partner said he's going to have his birthday dinner here. I cannot wait.

Here is some bolagnese penne my mum made one night, with some chopped up field mushrooms. Delicious!!


These pizzas are from The Lounge. On Mondays, pizzas are $6. They've changed quite a bit from the last time I went, especially the pizza sizes. These pizzas are huge. The first photo was the roast vegies pizza. That was my one. Surprisingly good. I never thought zucchini was good on pizza. The second pizza is the tandoori chicken pizza that my pal Susie ordered. She was very into it.

This is Tiffany. She always sleeps like this.

My mum made wonton soup. Yum!

She used chicken and some kind of leafy green. It was so good.

My partner and I decided to go to Box Hill for some dinner one night. I thought I'd take him to a restaurant that does this delicious fish dish that is so hearty and spicy and just plain delicious. We started out meal off with these pumpkin cakes.

It wasn't really that good. It wasn't something you could eat heaps of. But it was fairly pleasant.


This was what we were waiting for. It's white fish poached in oil with a mixture of spices. It was spicy, frangrant and the fish was so tender. It was definitely Chinese comfort food. I ordered our meal in Chinese, which my partner likes. He thinks it's hot when I speak in Chinese.

Afterwards, we went to Pancake Parlor for our "2 for the price of one" short stacks. Awesome!

On a completely different day, we went back to Pancake Parlor for dinner. This is my favourite pancake. It's so good, especially that whipped butter.

Mum, Dad and I went to a cafe this morning. It was a weird cafe to go to because it was right underneath a real estate agency. This was my hot chocolate.

Dad ordered fish and chips.

I ordered the calamari. So good, but massive.


  1. Such an epic feast of food photos! And homemade wonton soup? Lucky you!

  2. yup!!! HELEN I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

  3. the vegetarian stuff is making me drool!
    I love discovereing yummy vego haunts, plus the Pancake Parlour is scrumptious ;)

    cute as blog!