Thursday, February 11, 2010

I woke up this morning with a bad hangover and my penis was missing again

I feel like today is a very full on day, but at the same time, if you were an objective observer, you'd think I'm just cruising about on my laptop.

Not true.

First item on the agenda: cleaning. As I have mentioned, Chinese New Year is about having a clean house, going to temple to burn some incense and pray to Chinese deities that 2010, the year of the Tiger will be a prosperous year. I'm born in the year of the Snake and mum insists that this year is very going to be important so I must pay respects at the temple. That's fine. I'm not bothered. Whatever makes mum happy. However, I'm not too impressed with the cleaning I have to do. I've only done half and I still have the bathroom floors to clean plus heaps of wiping and spraying downstairs. Note to self: Don't buy a big house in the future; it just means more cleaning.

Second item on the agenda: uni electives. I found out this morning that I am unable to do my screenwriting elective because it requires a prerequisite. This annoys me. The website is really terrible at the moment. I tried to search for 'more info' and it amounted to nothing. I took a risk and went with it. I only found out today that I couldn't do it. Lame. So I did a search for more electives and all the other ones I wanted to do were either full or required more prerequisites. Again, lame. So I ended up selecting a documentary studies subject that all the cinema students did last semester. I figured I'd do this one since I want to make documentaries. So lucky I sorted that out.

Third item on the agenda: Saturday's shoot. I'm involved in a film shoot called Bonnie. It's a short film written by this wonderful woman called Elga. We've been working together, trying to get the casting right for the past week now and today she called me to inform me that our DOP, who is a media professional, has dropped out of our shoot. I'm very shocked and annoyed by this. Now, our gaffer is the DOP.

Fourth item on the agenda: Time tabling. Twice a year, before each semester starts, there's always heavy competition between students vying for the best tutes. I don't think I have ever gotten my desired timetable before. There are just heaps of students who do it better. Kudos to them, too, because it's ruthless. Anyway, if I get things my way, my Thursday time table will be chock full: one screening, two lectures and two tutes. I'm trying to minimise the amount of trips I have to make to uni.


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