Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I will battle for the sun

I have been getting in touch with a lot of Power Rangers. The good one ie. the first season. My favourite is obviously Trini Kwan because she's super awesome and partly because she's an asian lass like me. There's also the underlying chemistry between her and Billy Cranston (who I have a massive crush on right now, even though the actor him self is about 40 years old). Billy really reminds me of my partner so that probably explains why I have a massive crush on him. I sometimes like to pretend that I am Trini and that he is Billy. Yeah. Kinda sad, isn't it?

How tank does Billy look *epic sigh*

photos from here

What I have noticed after watching many episodes is that the fashion on the show is quite similar to what is in right now. The show was made in the early 90s, and currently we seem to be into early 90s silhouettes. I feel like I could totally draw inspiration from Trini and Kimberly. I love the Power Rangers so much.

Also, on a completely different subject, I'm going to see Placebo on the 22nd of February. I'm super excited!

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