Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was doing my usual morning tweeting and I found something hilarious on Mia Freedman's blog mamamia. It is actually hilarious. Someone made a list of men women want to sleep with and a list of men women don't want to sleep with. Take a look (just a heads up, I'm going to be rather crass in this post):

Guys you would never suspect we want to have sex with but we’d totally do:

• Eddie Izzard in full drag
• Alan Rickman
• Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka
• Steve Buscemi
• Benicio Del Toro
• John C. Reilly
• The deformed guy from Mask because he was nice and also he seems like he’d be really grateful
• Captain Jack Sparrow
• Prince, even though he’s technically smaller than us
• Gary Oldman
• Adrien Brody
• Phillip Seymour Hoffman
• Both of the lead guys on Shawn of the Dead (but not at the same time)
• New Spock
• Schroeder from Peanuts
• Our best male friend at work whom you assume is gay but actually isn’t
• That limpy doctor on House. I think his name is “House”. And his cane.
• David Bowie when he was in Labyrinth
• Will Ferrell
• Paul Rudd
• Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd at the same time while the limpy doctor from House watches
• Your brother

Guys you assume we want to have sex with but actually we totally don’t:

• Tom Cruise
• Fabio
• Ashton Kutcher
• Our second best male friend at work who actually *is* gay but you don’t believe us
• The guy at the gym whose neck is larger than his head and he can’t put his arms down
• That same secretary at my job that you think is hot, and yeah, I know she’s not a dude but I’ve seen you ogle her and trust me, I could tap that. You couldn’t.
• That’s not a dare, by the way.
• Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka
• Your other brother

Taken from mamamia

What do you guys think? For me, yes for:
- Alan Rickman
- Adrien Brody

- Simon Pegg (even sexier in Hot Fuzz)

- Gary Oldman (but only in Harry Potter and Dracula, but without the accent and pre-weird dracula body)
- House (fo sho)
- Benicio del Toro (something about him screams 'beast in the sack')
- David Bowie

I'd also add:
- Chris Noth (not because of Sex and the City, just because he is gorgeous)
- David Tennant (fo sho and scottish accent please)

- Cillian Murphy (irish accent please)
- James McAvoy (scottish accent please)

- Jason Segal

- Pharrel Williams

- Will.I.Am ([fo sho] x 12384784834)

As for the guys I don't want to have sex with:

- Fabio (muscly men ain't my thang)
- Ashton Kutcher (just doesn't interest me)
- Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka (really disturbing. But I'd totally do him if he was Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow)
- Zac Efron (Vanessa Hudgeons is too good for you)

- Taylor Lautner (you were Shark boy)

Wow this list has really turned into an "older men I want to bang" list. Ah. Sorry for the lewdness. Here's a sexy picture of Will.I.Am.

image from here

He reminds me of Sean Lennon there. Oh, I totally forgot to add Sean Lennon to my list.

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