Monday, February 8, 2010

I picked it because.... it breathes fire, Marshall!

I'm really in the mood to take photos of my clothes, then make polyvore-esque collages with photoshop. I'm either incredibly cool or incredibly sad. I wish I could be bothered playing dress ups today. It's so hot in my room but I need to clean my room because it's almost Chinese New Year and my mum is adamant that we clean the house to symbolise a "new start".

Chinese New Year also says we should buy new clothes. Yup, I'm so going to break my "no new clothes" ban. Actually, I'd just like to buy some accessories. And perhaps a nice coat for winter time. And maybe shoes. Haha.

Anyway, Chinese New Year totally falls on Valentine's Day and of course Chinese New year pawns Valentine's day. The thing is, I secretly would like to celebrate valentine's day. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture either, just nice flowers or a card, but my partner isn't an endorser of Valentine's day or the floristry industry. But this year, he actually wanted to do something with me. Just the thought alone was very romantic.

So I won't be celebrating Valentine's day (because Chinese New Year is way awesomer). But if you are, have a good one.

Here's a heart:

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