Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I hope my fat ass can hustle up some gatorade... whatever that means

Oh man this year is going to be FIERCE!

During my trip to Singapore and Malaysia I've had smalls bursts of inspiration to do all sorts of things. First semester, I am going to do a screenwriting course. I hope it will help improve my script writing ability, and possibly help me churn out some awesome ideas for a script. At the moment, I want to write a zombie comedy (zombcom?). I don't know what the story line is going to be, but I have a few characters that I definitely want to use. I need to nut this out a bit more, but hopefully, it turns out to be awesome.

Another thing I want to pursue is documentary. After producing/directing one for uni, I feel like I really want to do it. There is so much in our world, so many stories that need to be told or information that needs to get out there. After going to Malaysia and immersing myself with all sorts of people, I really want to make documentaries that explore culture and people, possibly geared in the direction of death, like funerals and mourning. It's all very vague right now, but I have a team already confirmed and willing to help me, so I'm feeling very inspired.

This then leads to work placement. I officially cannot graduate until I complete 80 hours of work in my field. This desire to make documentaries makes me want to crew for doco makers, learn how the professionals do it, plus just see what other stories people are interested in and learn about how to film under pressure.

Now onto a totally different topic, I am soooo going to wear lipstick this year. I bought this baby in Malaysia:

It's anna sui, number 350 in the matte version. I think it's awesome and looks good on me (the photo doesn't do the lipstick any favours). I'm very excited about this.

So yeah. 2010 is going to be FIERCE!!

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  1. a 'zombcom' would such a sick idea, and so fun to make... that's awesome. I think, when you're figuring out how the people *become* zombies, it might be helpful to think about underlying meanings.. I've always thought that zombie films were a commentary on mass-consumerism. The zombies have lost their minds and their individuality and simply want to consume more and more (usually brains).. and it's contagious.. just like in real life, where we are encouraged by society to consume things constantly. The good guys in a zombie film are the few people who aren't sucked in by consumerism.. the only people in society who can still think.

    Or.. maybe zombies stand for.. social difference? Some films treat the zombies as a misunderstood minority, and then the story becomes a metaphor for talking about racism, or homophobia or whatever. The zombies aren't mindless, they're just different, and people are afraid of difference so they make conflict.

    guess i'm meaning that once you figure out what being a zombie *means*, you can figure out the most *appropriate* way for people to *become* zombies in your story.