Wednesday, January 27, 2010

But now, all they do, is remind me of you...

Over the past couple of years, I have come to realise that I don't like many people. Some of them, it's just quite ineffable (a word I learned from the great Ted Mosby), others, I have reason (I think).

Being out of high school for 3 years now has awakened me to a fact, and that fact is that almost all the boys I went to high school with are utter fucks.

You know the type:

I drive a really sick car, I drive it really fast on the freeway because it makes me look cool, I have a babe girlfriend whom I like to show off in front of my fully sick friends, I name my car, I am a mother fucking good dancer and I looooooooove getting wasted at clubs because that's how bad of a bad ass I am. Oh and I have a car for my display picture.


I'm sure these guys are wonderful to other people, but I have a personal vendetta against one of them. It started out like this:

During my primary schooling, I was picked on by my crush for being fat (yes, very crushing for the old self-esteem), as well as my friends' parents. Not a good time for me but I thought high school would be better, purely because, it's a new start and I'll make new friends who won't care that I'm a bit chubby.

When I started high school, everything seemed all right. Until the third day of class. It was really hot and this guy comes up to me and says to me, "do you understand cantonese?" and I said, "yes" and then he said in cantonese, "you're really fat" and walked off.
So from then on, I've hated this guy. Nothing any one can tell me will change my mind. We are facebook friends and he's just... a dickwad. He's one of those lame guys who use their cars are their DP, and publically tell people that he's lost his license for doing something "badass". And he names his car.

And look, I know many people name their cars. But no one I know refers to their car by their name. My best friend named her car Maxx. We joke about how she likes to "ride" him, but that's it. She doesn't say, "I'll go home and grab Maxx and we'll pick you up".

She doesn't do that because she's awesome.

Now, this is all probably all very hypocritical. I mean, I name everything. I named my Italian dictionary Richard. My laptop is Humphrey. My hard drives are Astrid and Jenny. My iPhone is Moby. I name everything.

But because I hate this guy so very much, I find every little thing he does very lame.


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