Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody

I am so stoked about Saturday. I get to catch up with my dear pal Susie. We're going to the Hello Sailor Vintage Fair on Saturday and It's the first time I'm going. Every time it's on, I've got work or some other commitment. I've got two things I want to buy, and knowing my luck, I won't be buying either item.

Here's my list (it's very short):
- a tanned, distressed leather hand bag
- a blazer that's not too short and fits well

I also wouldn't mind finding some kind of faux fur coat, something obviously faux fur like a pale pink leopard print coat. For the past two years, I've been wearing the same black coat every winter. I hope to have a few more options this winter.

Anyway, part two of my Singapore trip!

Me at a Thai restaurant that is also a German microbrewery. Check out that awesomeness

Some sort of deicious grilled fish my partner ordered with heavenly seafood sauce.

The cockles my friend Joyce ordered

The staff at the restaurant dancing to The Wonder Girls' "Nobody"

Afterwards, we went out for more food a nd booze. This is an oyster omelette. I'm not a fan of oysters but this was fucking awesome, especially with the sauce.

Delicious Hokkien noodles... so fucking good.

otak otak

Stingray, surprisingly good. Tastes like flake.

Teh Tarik

Me outside the massive Chanel store. I am so lame

Delicious Indian food

A lovely Dorsai, SO GOOD


Best beef kway teow ever, eaten at Geylang Rd, the red light district of Singapore.

My friend Joyce at a boutique on Haji Lane, where a little 5 month old shih tzu cross puppy lived. His name is Ah- Tai, which means stoner. He's so cute and playful.

Here he is with me. Yes, he tongued me many times. It wasn't really consensual...

Don't tell my partner...

Tail-less parrot fish at another boutique. The store owner just adored them He said they were very peaceful fish and that they looked like they were smiling.

THEY HAVE NO TAILS! Apparently they are bred to have no tails, but then I read somewhere that the tails are cut off. I do not know any more.

These babies were $179. The are beautiful. This photo does it no justice. The heel is GOLD. I wish I bought them. I so could have. *sobs*

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