Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Work has been fucking crazy. It really makes me appreciate the time I do get off. My day off was yesterday and my partner stayed the night before so for breakfast we met up with some of my friends and had a general chat about everything. My darling friend Joanne bought me a little book about Singapore and a little grooming kit with tweezers and nail clippers in a cute tin. I don't have photos but I'm definitely taking them with me to Singapore.

Later that day, I introduced 'How I Met Your Mother' to my partner and I am so glad he loves it. We watched a few of my favourite episodes while we ate mango, passion fruit and blueberries. It was very tasty. For dinner, he made a yummy chicken larb, which is like a delicious Thai chicken salad. Here's a photo, but not of the one he made:

It was so delicious, and we enjoyed that with some Riccadonna, which I love. It was such a chilled-out day, but awesome nonetheless.

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