Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside...

Guess what kind of awesomeness I snapped up yesterday at the Boxing Day sale? While I did work about 11hrs yesterday, I did manage to participate in the sale. And the best thing was, I didn't even pay for it. I got a pair of shoes as a gift. It was supposed to be a joke and she said I could return the shoes if I wanted. So I did. I returned them for a credit note. All $99.95. That's an expensive joke.

Anyway, on my break yesterday, I was walking past my favourite shoe store and found that the shoes I have been dreaming about for months has gone on sale. From $149.95 to...


Yeah. That's right. Fuck. Yeah. I'm so wearing them to uni when it's cold. I'm gonna wear dresses and stockings and a warm coats and scarves and have nice eye make up on. Yeah. That's right. Here's a photo:

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