Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a fish out of water...

I woke up to the strangest of situations. First of all it was so hot. Second of all, the dogs were barking really loudly. I sort of ignored it because I thought my parents were in the kitchen and the dogs have been let out of their room. They were barking so loudly that it sounded like they were in the lounge room. I assumed they were barking at someone walking past our house because they do that a lot.

The weird thing was, when I listened closely, it was mostly my shih tzu Momo that was barking:

Momo rarely barks. It's always Tiffany that barks, because, well, she's a psycho:

But a lovable psycho.

Anyway, so because Momo was barking too, I knew something was wrong.

It turns out that our dining room floor was covered in...

... eels.

There were three of them on the ground, unable to move because they were out of water. My dogs were going crazy in their room, thinking they were snakes. It was quite a freaky sight. I called my parents and they expected me to put the eels back in their tanks. What?

I went upstairs to wake my brother up and as he was getting up, another eel was crawling out of the tank and onto the floor. It was scary as because it was having snakes slithering around the room, except the were jarred in their movement, due to them being fish.

I managed to get my brother to put the eels back in the tank. He put on some laundry gloves and scooped them into these big plastic bowls that we was vegies in and tipped the eels back into the tank.

I was very glad when all of that was over. Eels are creepy.

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