Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hungry as a hippo

Ahhh there's so much crap to do today. I really have no patience with it all. I just want that freedom of not having to do shit. I don't want to do anything and I don't like it when I have to do something during a time that is meant to be a free time. That really doesn't make sense. I'm just trying to say, I want my free time to be free.

I have to wash my dogs today. Do you know how hectic that is? It's not one dog, it's two dogs and they're both quite uncooperative although the shih tzu is more docile than the maltese, despit
e how great the lengths the shih tzu goes to avoid a bath. Then I have to call a bunch of people because I need fix my mobile internet, plus my dad needs me to call the tax office to get them to do something for him.

Seriously, I sometimes wonder what am I good for and the answer is "to serve my parents". That's not living.
I'm going to Singapore soon and my mum is trying to make me feel bad by saying to me that she doesn't like how long I am going to go for. It makes me wonder if it is because she will miss me or because she won't have someone to help her do things. I don't know anymore. Everything is so blurred now.

I want to move out, but then I also don't want to. There's absolutely nothing wrong with
living at home, as long as there is a respect between parents and child that the child is an adult, has their own lives, and should make decisions about their lives that aren't shrouded with manipulative parental blackmail.

I want to have fun. And I'm not a complete idiot. I have a degree of common sense that might surprise my parents.


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